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  1. RickRock

    HUGE 4th of July Sale!!! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

    Dont miss out on this
  2. RickRock

    HGH injection problem

    I wouldnt inject that shit
  3. RickRock

    high estrogen after PCT

    A 2 week pct? Did I read that right? And if you used hcg in pct that's why estrogen is sky high and test is in the toilet, not to mention not running a long enough pct with the right stuff in it
  4. RickRock

    24 year old first LGD cycle

    Dylan gave you the protocol to follow
  5. RickRock

    nutrozol 677 dose with mk677

    Recommended dosage will give best results
  6. RickRock

    HUGE 4th of July Sale!!! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

    Excellent sale right here guys
  7. RickRock

    headaches post workout

    Probsbly high blood pressure
  8. RickRock

    Western diet meaning

    That's just a typical American diet
  9. RickRock

    incline, decline and flat bench

    I do fiat and incline both barbells and dumbell. I dont do decline. Instead I do weighted dips
  10. RickRock

    weird feeling during injection

    Could be scar tissue
  11. RickRock

    bloated on cycle

    Youre fighting an uphill battle now. Get aromasin asap and run 12.5mg per day for a week then go to 12.5mg eod
  12. RickRock

    Out of Gym training with the Buddha

    I have a great home setup so my workouts wont change really if the gyms close again. I just wont be able to use machines.
  13. RickRock

    best supps for fat loss

    Gw and cardazol are great options
  14. RickRock

    Summer Shredding Cycle Powered by 1-Stop Domestic

    Nice work brother
  15. RickRock

    noob sarms cycle idea

    Lgd, rad, and S23 are all good options
  16. RickRock

    rad140 testolone and gyno

    Doesnt sound legit
  17. RickRock

    TRT with sustanon 250

    Why di you want to go on trt? It doesnt sound like you know enough to be doing it and it's not something you just do anyways
  18. RickRock

    too much milk thistle

    You can take too much of anything
  19. RickRock

    best place for bulking sarms is what you want. Lgd and S23 are great for bulking
  20. RickRock

    paleo diet thoughts

    It's been around forever. It hasn't gained any popularity either