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  1. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Npp Doses

    400mg per week is a good dose. If you were running test with it at a low dose (200mg or less) I would be open to going up to 500-600mg per week on the NPP.
  2. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Question on Deca 4 ligaments

    A low dose deca, like 100mg per week will help with the pain for sure. On its own though, not enough to help. He would want to look into things like HGH, Nutrobal, BPC, TB......check out Domestic-Supply and sarms.forsale
  3. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Taking a break from cardarine

    You are right at the sweet spot for coming off. I recommend 16 weeks on, 4 weeks off
  4. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Our proprietary blend scams?

    I do not like prop blends. It means they are micro-dosing the important ingredients in most cases.
  5. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Don’t use bestgear.ws!

    I hate hearing these stories and they are posted daily. Next time go with Domestic-Supply.
  6. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Training Twice A Day

    I would not unless you were considering weight training and cardio as separate sessions.
  7. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Is dbol worth it or not

    You could do that cycle just make sure you have aromasin for estrogen control and N2Guard for organ support. For PCT, make sure you get a bottle of N2Generate ES and run either clomid or nolva.
  8. Masonic Bodybuilder

    3 sarm cycle

    Your LGD dose is too high. 10mg per day is all you need
  9. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Growing more chest hair.

    People always want what they don't have. I bet super hairy dudes would rather not have all that chest hair
  10. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Roidbazaar.cc, did i get scammed?

    Sounds like you are dealing with a shady source. I recommend just going with Domestic-Supply
  11. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Anyone use PMroids.cc?

    Never heard of them man. I only recommend going with Domestic-Supply
  12. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Evolutionary.org Podcast #387 – The one year long steroid cycle and nandrolone for arthritis

    I ran deca at 100mg per week for 12 weeks and it worked wonders on my shoulder. I never believed much in the healing properties but months later, I have never had any pain return. That being said, I would never run a year long cycle for any reason.
  13. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Tren Hex, Sustanon, Deca , And Dbol Cycle

    I'd love to follow this log. That is a good amount of gear and a good amount of food so this should be interesting.
  14. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Highest dose of Tren

    Highest I ran was 400mg per week and I had major issues sleeping. Woke up soaked and tossed and turned all night. I stay below 300mg per week now.
  15. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Do you run finasteride with your steroids?

    It will help prevent hair loss but it will also prevent you from being able to get your dick hard and/or have any sex drive at all. Stay far away from finasteride.
  16. Masonic Bodybuilder

    S4 and GW stack

    You can also check out a recent video Dylan put together on how to dose S4
  17. Masonic Bodybuilder

    How do herbals increase libido so well

    Great ingredients like those are in N2Generate
  18. Masonic Bodybuilder

    5 underrated benefits of HGH: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Really great video and super important so people understand this peptide and its capabilities.
  19. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Evolutionary.org Hardcore #140 Calum Von Moger Steroid Cycle

    Love these episodes. I always wonder what the difference is between what some of these guys use and what they admit to.
  20. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Domestic Supply Brands! The best of the best!

    Balkan is my go-to right now but lots of other great brands too!