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  1. Mobster

    Elbow pain

    Forget steroids for pain. It's a temporary fix at best
  2. Mobster

    Tbol (Turinabol) FULLY Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Tbol is understated for sure.
  3. Mobster

    Am i too fat for steroids?

    Everyone else says otherwise. The ONLY time you'd be right is for medical reason usage.
  4. Mobster

    Am i too fat for steroids?

    So... more than that. Yes you are too fat. Drop some and go ahead later when you're ready.
  5. Mobster

    New to S23 and YK11

    I wouldn't. I feel like there's a bunch you could do first before stepping it up to this
  6. Mobster

    Best supplements during workout

    I do this. I add 5g of Creatine
  7. Mobster

    Need help with getroids1.net order

    Send back what you got. And you haven't done that have you?
  8. Mobster

    Npp Doses

    Check out our articles for this kind of info.
  9. Mobster

    Question on Deca 4 ligaments

    Deca will not help. It's a sticking plaster on a broken leg.
  10. Mobster

    Taking a break from cardarine

    I'd never stay on it 24-7
  11. Mobster

    Our proprietary blend scams?

    Not always. By law.
  12. Mobster


    A great deal
  13. Mobster

    Don’t use bestgear.ws!

    Thanks for the info. I'll stick to PSL or NapsGear
  14. Mobster

    Training Twice A Day

    I have done but only to deliberately over train.
  15. Mobster

    Is dbol worth it or not

    I have done so at over 50
  16. Mobster

    3 sarm cycle

  17. Mobster

    Growing more chest hair.

    I've next to fuck all. Can't say as it bothers me.
  18. Mobster

    Roidbazaar.cc, did i get scammed?

    Sounds like they're scamming you to me. Send me $75 and I'll fix it lol
  19. Mobster

    Anyone use PMroids.cc?

    AND?? What does that mean?