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  1. pgainzz

    can estrogen get too low

    Everyone is different in how they respond. Me for example, 210mg of test for 6 months and no other compounds. Pulled bloods total T 1100 and estro 28. I added 200mg of primo alongside of my 210 mg test per week, no other compounds or ai. After 3 months I pulled bloods again. I suspected low...
  2. pgainzz

    any vegetable options to cook

    air frier and cook them that way. Beats all the other methods
  3. pgainzz

    Video Is trenbolone actually worth it?? A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    It's worth it for the right dose though. I like to keep it on the low side and only use it a few times a year.
  4. pgainzz

    need feedback on Blaster source?

    Blaster and Samson gone at the same time, They both sold the same products..
  5. pgainzz

    Domestic Supply TD!

    let the gainzzzz begin!
  6. pgainzz

    A-bombs and their results

    Tons of people use anadrol...just ask Larry Wheels lol
  7. pgainzz


  8. pgainzz

    fire pharm local supplier quality problem

    They have blind test results of their gear over on the AAS may want to look at them.
  9. pgainzz

    Domestic Supply Restock!

    Love the variety of DS
  10. pgainzz

    🎃🧹SALE exposed early.. Last sale of the year!🧹🎃

    Any chance any of the exotic "treats" will ever be available local? Like DHB and Primo?
  11. pgainzz

    24hreup legit

    As mention above they're hit or miss....everything you need is here tho.
  12. pgainzz

    balkan pharmaceuticals legit?

    can't go wrong. never seen a bad hlpc test with balkan. read
  13. pgainzz

    Balkan Pharmaceuticals Info - Domestic Supply

    Balkan is my favorite
  14. pgainzz

    Domestic Supply TD!! BALKAN!

    Nice TD....running that same cycle now
  15. pgainzz

    giving up coffee and chocolate for lent

    I'm Catholic too, no meat on Fridays during lent along with fasting and giving up certain things. Not coffee though!! lol
  16. pgainzz

    Credit Card Processing is BACK!! Please Read!

    sweet headed over to check it
  17. pgainzz

    ironanabolics quality

    You just bought 1 bottle? Even if it's 200mg/ML you will need more than that. Like everyone else said; what's your diet, dosage and training. Never heard of that source. Try to stick to sources that have 3rd party testing of their gear or well known brand names like Balkan, zphc. I love...
  18. pgainzz

    New to Anabolex.

  19. pgainzz

    help with mk677

    I didn’t care for it. Couldn’t control my appetite, was always hungry which resulted in added weight gain. At my age, I want to stay lean. Also, my BP was always running high no matter what otc supps I took to try and control it.
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