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  1. ChurchBF3

    Did i lose my money?

    @eighty7 your motto is steal money for pay then you fucking clown! go away just go away, no one believes you.
  2. ChurchBF3

    Labs Got Me Spooked - High AST and ALT

    12 weeks dbol I had very high alt ast bro!
  3. ChurchBF3

    Labs Got Me Spooked - High AST and ALT

    I think some users will get higher alt/ast combining oral steroids with sarms. While sarms alone will cause elevated liver enzymes, combined with steroids orals will increase it. @Simon push on n2guard way more and keep log on point.
  4. ChurchBF3

    Recomping help sarms

    I mainly use cardarine for recomping 10-20mgs ED split dose
  5. ChurchBF3

    NOT APPORVED - the Direct Pharmacom Labs Store - Reviews and Feedback

    you funny guy you posted that 3 times :ROFLMAO:
  6. ChurchBF3

    NOT APPORVED - the Direct Pharmacom Labs Store - Reviews and Feedback

    Overall I think pharmacom is a pharma brand. I used the primobolan before and it was easier to pin than bayer gear.
  7. ChurchBF3

    Approved Beligas products Lab Tests Report 📝

    Never tried Beligas but now I see this will check them out. Labs hella legit!
  8. ChurchBF3 scammed again

    You are the liar, I known @GHgut4life for 5 years and you for 2 days you're a scammer realroids FACE it
  9. ChurchBF3

    Approved Log Djuris Log

    You doing anything like aspirin or tadalafil on the cycle? Im game on your diet though
  10. ChurchBF3 scammed again

    He tells the community fuck you the 1st time he posts I think @realroids needs to crawl under a rock and buzz off, SCAMMER YES SCAMMER
  11. ChurchBF3 a huge hassle

    Yea I just saw @BODYROIDS and have been called out on twitter, damn so they turned scammer.
  12. ChurchBF3


    He did read on it then he asked a question from the vets and mods to confirm, dont be a hater.
  13. ChurchBF3

    Scammer About the Scammers sub-forum on Anabolex

    Great idea, expose them.
  14. ChurchBF3

    Scammer Competitive USA Domestic Peptides/GH/Sarms/Steroids

    Scammers who would buy from them!
  15. ChurchBF3 nonstop spamming

    Glad I saw this I had doubts reading other forums, I feel good now coming to anabolex seeing this. @going2cycle I sent you a dm.
  16. ChurchBF3

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    oh right, rui research was the scam research company ran by the owner there on steroidology, before that it was lion research or something like that.
  17. ChurchBF3

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    I was on those forums like 10 years ago lol it was a joke. steroidology turned into a ghost town with scammers and fake moderators, stay away from them. Dreadedpirateroberts over there is a moderator who scams everyone.
  18. ChurchBF3

    Anyone try trenbolone low dose?

    I ran 200mgs of trenbolone acetate per week cycle worked like a charm, added 250mgs testosterone enanthate per week TRT got shredded.
  19. ChurchBF3

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    wasn't "dr" tony huge busted for selling fake sarms?
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