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  1. RichVerner

    OMG I Never thought I would stoop this low!!!???

    Ok, I haven't seen great results with this massive cycle I've been doing since February 16th. Im not gonna post it again my friends because it's just too embarrassing. So I saw a video on rxmuscle (Dave palumbo) who advertises his painless pumps generation IV, basically seo without the...
  2. RichVerner

    Huge lump above buttcrack from injection oil won't go away!!!!!!!!

    Hello, I've been using the glute injection site for several months now starting on February 16th. I alternate as much as I could. Quads, however the 2 times I did delts it felt like someone took a sledgehammer to my shoulder. I will NEVER DO DELTS AGAIN!!!!! ANYWAYS, I use a standard 3ml 1 inch...
  3. RichVerner

    Sarms4sale pct

    Hello, IAM ordering everything I need for my post cycle therapy. But I have a couple questions. Number one, I ordered a liquid bottle of nolva and clomid from sarms4sale , cuz I have some nolva 10 and 20mg's, but I.got them from some online pharmacy so I don't know if there even legit. My...
  4. RichVerner

    Possible esoteric tren side?

    Hello, your probably gonna think that I'm joking, but I'm not and I'm really curious to see if this is a legitimate side effect from trenbolone acetate. It was after a chest/back day (monday-thursday). I.e. Arnold's """beginner""" bodybuilding routine from his encyclopedia, and I was in bed...
  5. RichVerner

    Roidsource.net why such great prices?

    Hello,how is it that roidsource.net has 5 vials of test cyp for 200$? 5 vials of tren ace for 240$? Seems far fetched to Me. That's way cheaper than I've ever paid for that much. I'm confused and a newbie. Thank you. 8)
  6. RichVerner

    Glute injection isn't sore at all?????

    This may be a stupid question, but I've only pinned 4 times so far. 3 times in the front quads, and once in the upper portion of the gluteus muscle. The 3 quad Injections are still really sore from last week. (Tren ace). But the glute Injection was painless and if I try I can't even find the...
  7. RichVerner

    Looking for local source (Rochester,ny)

    I am not looking to order online. I don't know how to use Bitcoin or MoneyGram. I have gotten really lucky and used a site that takes credit cards but it took over a month. Is it ok to post on here looking for a local source. Rochester, (upstate) by. If so, please hit me up.