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  1. Norberto31

    Project Get Shredded 2021 - $160,000 in cash prizes!

    This is the best contest I've ever seen on our forum, nice.
  2. Norberto31

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    I read it was spiked with dmaa, even some reviews talking about it too. Probably true.
  3. Norberto31

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    yea some bros were saying that on reddit too but too many fake reviews there so I don't know what's what anymore.
  4. Norberto31

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    I don't smoke any drugs or take any drugs, I thought of this maybe as natural alternative to drugs but after reading the reviews on anabolex and reddit I'm not going to buy anything from blackstone labs period. It scares me to think what's in that bottle.
  5. Norberto31

    Using Winstrol for sprinting

    Winstrol dries joints isn't that a bad thing for running.
  6. Norberto31

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    Yea I did do research that's why I came here. Trying to find out if ingredients mean something to other members. Seems like euphoria just sounds good but it's a junk supplement. I'm also scared of it being spiked with prohormones or DMAA or DMAE as others mentioned.
  7. Norberto31

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    Yes thanks those are the right supplement facts, I uploaded the wrong image. I'm skeptical of this supplement for sure.
  8. Norberto31

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    I was over on reddit researching some supplements and came across blackstone labs euphoria. They seem to be claiming it's like makes you euphoric like a drug or something like that. I was reading the pitch and it says on sales page. Attached is the supplement panel I found online. Basically...
  9. Norberto31

    Geneza Pharma is back !

    All orals, I see now. I am checking the size of their anavar and winstrol packs on the napsgear site. is geneza sold in other places? anyone know?
  10. Norberto31

    NapsGear is back !

    Didn't use napsgear yet but if you say they good I will try them out. Checking the site now.
  11. Norberto31

    dragon ordnance problems

    LOL! @starboy 😂 I saw the same thing, this @Chachee guy mentions dylan like 4-5times like he has a boner for gemelli. Strange shit if you ask me. 🤔
  12. Norberto31

    dragon ordnance problems

    We can be forgiven to think you're a shill/troll for @Dragon Ordnance . You would not be the first guy to come to anabolex who was a shill/troll for a source who we outed as a scammer or the source/his reps posing as someone else, that's not unusual on the forums. The problem here is you had 0...
  13. Norberto31

    biggestamigos no delivery

    I dont know biggest amigos but I do know he's not responding to guys here. I am also suspicious about his story of "closing" then "opening" up again.
  14. Norberto31

    lgd4033 higher dose

    I never used over 15mgs of lgd but over 10mgs already gave me sides (I had the 2mg lgd4033 from enhanced athlete back in the day) It was 10mgs-12mgs and when I got to 14mgs side effects started badly.
  15. Norberto31

    need feedback on Blaster source?

    @BLASTER is an OG, he's been on anabolex for 10+ years. 100% supported guy.
  16. Norberto31

    dragon ordnance problems

    Wow! That is serious. Dragon ordnance raws have always been fishy to me. He has terrible reviews so this is not news. He is not a true scammer, he selectively scams. He sends some cheap raws out like test prop but always sends you fakes and wrong raws when it's the good stuff. Seems he also...
  17. Norberto31

    🖤🛍️The "BLACKER" Friday SALE🛍️🖤

    @Vision can these be injected or they are just liquid orals? I havent seen many sterile looking orals.
  18. Norberto31

    hgh helps size?

    Detox and recover fully before you take more, take more time off.
  19. Norberto31

    Evolutionary.org Podcast #360 – SARMS Wrap up show

    That's a great wrap up. I would suggest you do more sarms podcast I'm waiting guys.
  20. Norberto31

    Alternate injection sites

    I like pinning delts and glutes, rest too painful