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  1. Fella Finn

    Steroids the Series: "More is not always better": A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    I watched this one again. I just wanted to point out how great of a video this is for everyone using any kind of PED to watch. Rookies, Veterans and everyone in between will find tremendous value in this video!
  2. Fella Finn

    Fertility and steroid

    Dylan gave you the proper PCT protocol to follow
  3. Fella Finn

    Best steroid for bulking skinny guy

    Dbol, Anadrol, Deca and Superdrol are going to be the compounds you hear named over and over when it comes to bulking steroids
  4. Fella Finn

    Cypionate and Dbol

    Make sure to follow Dylan's PCT protocol. It has you fully covered to ensure a strong and proper recovery
  5. Fella Finn

    Do i need a pct after ostarine only cycle?

    Yes, you need a mini pct. Dylan gave you the exact advice on how to properly run a sarms mini pct.
  6. Fella Finn

    YK-11, myostatin inhibitor? Pointless to take if already low due to genetic disorder?

    I would definitely watch the video Dylan posted to learn more in depth information on YK11
  7. Fella Finn

    Don’t use steronabolics

    Stick around on the forums and do your research so this never happens to you again! Domestic Supply is an elite level trusted and verified source that I personally use exclusively. I would strongly recommend you checking them out!
  8. Fella Finn

    Best sarms advice for me

    Dylan has you fully covered. Follow all of his advice and you are golden sir!
  9. Fella Finn

    Best SARM stack for newbs?

    Follow Dylan's advice from top to bottom. Get your sarms at sarms4sale and follow his stack plan precisely!
  10. Fella Finn

    Never use Thesrxstore.to again!

    I would highly encourage you to look at Domestic Supply sir! They are who I use exclusively, offering top name brand products with the best quality and customer service you can find!
  11. Fella Finn

    1mexgear.org confirmed scam

    You can easily avoid these issues by using Domestic Supply, the most trusted and highest quality supplier out there!!
  12. Fella Finn

    Enhancedanabolics.net a scam place

    They have shown over the years to be one of the worst out there! I would highly suggest everyone steer clear. Sarms4sale is the best quality you can find with sarms guaranteed!
  13. Fella Finn

    PRIMEtrope.com no good

    If you had used Domestic Supply, the elite in this industry, you could have avoided this problem. Just take this as a lesson learned and do not make this same kind of mistake. Visit https://domestic-supply.com for all of your future orders!
  14. Fella Finn

    Finishing my sarm cycle

    Just always remember that pct is the most important part of any cycle
  15. Fella Finn

    Proper size needles

    I think you will find that many go with 25 and 1. That has always been what I prefer as well.
  16. Fella Finn

    Melanotan 2 Explained: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Yet another top notch video!
  17. Fella Finn

    New cycle

    I agree with Dylan that tbol would be a great option. Anadrol is another option to look at but tbol, in my opinion, would be a perfect fit here
  18. Fella Finn

    Too much arimidex?

    That is just very excessive use and not a good idea whatsoever. Generally the dosing to start with would be .5 mg every other day however you have to asses what works best for you.
  19. Fella Finn

    Running rad140 as a preworkout

    Sarms are not pre workouts sir. They are not stimulants and not used in that manner. There may be a mental effect where you just mentally believe it but in actuality, this is just not the case. RAD is EXCELLENT and is quickly becoming one of the most popular sarms however it is not a pre workout