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  1. RazorRamon46

    Geneza pharma bulker

    Best geneza bulker is deca and dbol always get huge on that.
  2. RazorRamon46

    Evolutionary.org Hardcore #149 – Orville Burke steroid cycle

    Good podcast orville burke is huge.
  3. RazorRamon46

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    btw I heard triple b solutions has bad honest reviews like real bad, he attacks all his clients.
  4. RazorRamon46

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    OH SHIT! triple b solutions owner is doing that? that's sick!!!! @athlete127 why are you doing that? that's nasty.
  5. RazorRamon46

    Sarms.ForSale has questionable sales and customer service practices, even if their product quality is VERY good.

    You know I do understand you, I get off a few times too just yelled at my dog 30min ago lol poor lab didn't know I was pissed about what.
  6. RazorRamon46

    NapsGear Laboratory Tests Of Medication

    More god testing, great results!
  7. RazorRamon46

    Sarms.ForSale has questionable sales and customer service practices, even if their product quality is VERY good.

    You're reasonable it should be private and anonymous but s4s quality is good. Customer support thats a bad story they should apologize.
  8. RazorRamon46

    Be careful when ordering from Sarms4Sale. They publicly post your name, location and the item you purchased as a notification to all visitors.

    This is @trenboloney new thread with a response reasonable https://anabolex.com/community/threads/sarms-forsale-has-questionable-sales-and-customer-service-practices-even-if-their-product-quality-is-very-good.3181/
  9. RazorRamon46

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    PJ Braun is a guy I don't trust at all, all those prohormones and sarms he sold claiming they were supplements, I doubt he has trust left. No hard feels PJ but thats my view about you.
  10. RazorRamon46

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    I found the right supplement facts for Blackstone Labs Euphoria that's not what you posted @Norberto31 This mix will probably make you high like sleepy high but not energetic I think. I know beta-phenethylamine increases dopamine and serotonin in the brain. That might make you focused but...
  11. RazorRamon46

    Gastric bypass surgery and steroid

    Never use steroids after surgery that's dangerous!
  12. RazorRamon46

    dragon ordnance problems

    Dragon ordnance is a scammer for sure, he'll never be back, check the feedback he keeps scamming.
  13. RazorRamon46

    thinksteroids source reviews

    I heard thinksteroids has the owner millard that owns multiple steroid suppliers thats why they so protective.
  14. RazorRamon46

    Tren ace question

    Dbol weight gain takes a few weeks but if you eat and bulk good it will come sooner.
  15. RazorRamon46

    Zphc brand

    I bought from domestic supply 6 or 7 times in the past few years, he's GTG. Top source.
  16. RazorRamon46

    dragon ordnance problems

    LOL!!! threats on the internet from a guy with no picture in his profile and no name. Hey dragon ordnance you can come out of the closet now we know it's you but i admit it's funny you calling guys out on the forum. Post your picture and a video of yourself otherwise STFU!
  17. RazorRamon46

    First time cycle 46 trt and healthy

    @Rhino1975 I would like to see you Log this TRT/cycle on anabolex to see how it goes.
  18. RazorRamon46

    dragon ordnance problems

    What's the reason @Dragon Ordnance stopped responding? I don't understand if he is as legitimate as he say why run away and not address complaints?
  19. RazorRamon46

    biggestamigos no delivery

    @BiggestAmigo Im honest and not sure I buy your story but when you come on anabolex and become approved I'll believe you. Everyone here says you're a positive guy so we will see.
  20. RazorRamon46

    first effective dose cycle

    500mgs of test enan/week is good with aromasin 12.5mgs add ostazol preworkout 4 caps and see the pump