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  1. MrBurns

    Prevent Gyno from coming back

    To prevent gyno you should use nolvadex and yohimflame. I used to use yohimburn until I got an allergy and switched to yohimflame topical.
  2. MrBurns

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    Yup I was scammed by rui research on steroidology forums, and they BANNED me after I posted about it. LIARS!
  3. MrBurns

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    I left steroidology 6 years ago after I was scammed by rui research, got bunk liquidex and liquid stane from them. I remember a moderator or admin there dreadedpirateroberts I think his name he banned me after I was scammed by rui research. That forum is full of liars and chaters, I would...
  4. MrBurns

    Steroidify Products

    Testex havent tried it checking the good price.
  5. MrBurns

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    so you are @athlete127? @Sounds Fishy why did you get a new username after you attacked the customer and made yourself triple b solutions look like an ass?
  6. MrBurns

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    This is the owner of triple b solutions proving his lab is ran my crazy guys on trenbolone.
  7. MrBurns

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    FAKE photoshopped lab tests! attacks customers! sends fake steroids and has horrible reviews. Go away triple b scam solutions. Look at the above lab tests they are clearly fake, the signature has been photoshopped in.
  8. MrBurns

    Puffy nipples and napsgear help

    I ran nolvadex and aromasin Geneza brand from napsgear, got my gyno down at least 90%.
  9. MrBurns

    Any supplements to boost DHT?

    Boosting DHt is not easy my understanding, very few supplements can help BOOST it but many can suppress it like turmeric.
  10. MrBurns

    Start Your Own Online P H A R M A with MusclePay Today!

    is there any downpayment I would need to make? lets say I need a shop for about 20 people I know.
  11. MrBurns

    naps cycle log

    A full cycle would be good to see next week.
  12. MrBurns

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    I've been scammed a few times myself, I don't believe any reviews on reddit or anywhere unless I see real moderators and admins talking about something. As far as blackstone labs, I don't trust them and will never order from them but dont know this euphoria.
  13. MrBurns

    dragon ordnance problems

    I tried to resolve this with dragon ordnance but he is ignoring me now completele. He wouldn't even contact me on the forum. For those that are thinking of trusting @Dragon Ordnance, don't trust him he's a selective scammer. Very smart and good at sending fake raw materials.
  14. MrBurns

    dragon ordnance problems

    I asked him for answers to that in an email, my emails all ignored. Dragon ordnance = selective scammer
  15. MrBurns

    dragon ordnance problems

    @Dragon Ordnance didn't respond to my email again about his fake raws. I just sent him an email asking for a refund for my order, nothing. This guys is a true scammer. Add to scammer list, fake raw materials sent (he sends test prop instead of all raws) or just fake raws with nothing in...
  16. MrBurns

    dragon ordnance problems

    I also want to point out @Dragon Ordnance seems like he's very very low IQ. He is too stupid to read the email above showing he was going to get exposed and he did. He tried to scam his customers by sending fake raw powders but it didn't work. LOSER :mad:
  17. MrBurns

    dragon ordnance problems

    @Dragon Ordnance You admit to stealing my money and sending me fake powders. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're a true scumbag. Anyone reading this and thinking of buying from "dragon ordnance" think again. This guy will take your money and send you fake powders. He admitted to...
  18. MrBurns

    sports drinks fallen out of favor?

    I used to drink monster until I got real bad headaches from it. I switched to doing no sugar red bull seems fine for me.
  19. MrBurns

    dragon ordnance problems

    You're calling yourself a scammer? WOW! You lying scumbag I sent you money and you didn't respond to me after my packs were taken. The 1 email I got from you was it's my own fault and to wait. After waiting for 2 months I got garbage fake powders in the mail. I told you if you tried to scam me...
  20. MrBurns

    dragon ordnance problems

    You didn't reship my seized package and you stopped responding to my emails multiple times. That to me means a scammer and liar. That's what I posted my experience. You should feel shame for lying like this. Really bad.:mad: @Dragon Ordnance If you were a good source I wouldn't have to come...