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  1. SanHawkio

    orange juice and other fruit juice

    This isn’t the juice drinker forums. This forum is for gear related topics. Drinking juice is gay, I’ve never been into juice. I’m an adult now so I don’t even think of juice
  2. SanHawkio

    You should lift everyday!

    I’d like to slap your ass right now for this comment! Gym is life.
  3. SanHawkio

    Criticism from others

    I’m sure the amount attention you get from guys in and out of the gym out weighs the few judgements from your parents😂 give me a break.
  4. SanHawkio

    hand is wrecked after a fight

    I dislocated my thumb from the socket after a street fight was benching Heavy the same week. Hows your tolerance and where’s your warrior mentality? although it’s pretty bad ass you fight and I hope you at least got some good chingasos in... Recover. Or lift... what the fuck do you want? A hug😂
  5. SanHawkio

    Liquid Anti-Estrogen

    I actually meant topical solution like lotion or something of that sort. I’ve heard it being out there but didn’t know for sure. Thanks for the help and sorry for the typo on “Liquid” Anti-Estrogen
  6. SanHawkio

    Liquid Anti-Estrogen

    Thanks bro this is exactly what I was looking for, I have pharma nolva on hand was looking to add the yohimflame thanks for the advice. Great answer
  7. SanHawkio

    Liquid Anti-Estrogen

    Yo where’s that liquid form of nolva @? Where can I find it. I’m getting some gyno on one nipple only and it’s pissing me off. I want to try a Topical solution instead of blasting actual nolva while on cycle. The 12.5 mgs EOD aromasin ain’t got shit on dbol and test I’m running. Hopping on...
  8. SanHawkio

    bad taste of research chemicals

    Snort it...
  9. SanHawkio

    swollen hands/numb on HGH

    High dose of HGH causes carpel tunnel, 📝 I learned something new today.
  10. SanHawkio

    Dan Duchaine and eating big macs

    You can eat whatever you want. Do you have to compete tomorrow lol? Hell na... If your like a lean guy Who gives a f*ck Burn that shit off by tonight. I swear misery loves company. Repeat after me: I WILL NOT LIVE A tasteless life😂 I usually eat clean for a couple days, home made meals then I’ll...
  11. SanHawkio

    days off from sarms?

    What happened to you wanting to grow? This ain’t a picnic
  12. SanHawkio

    getting dizzy while i lift

    Don’t sound right. Go get a check up.
  13. SanHawkio

    buddy has a stash of pro hormones

    From before the ban as in 2013? 7 year old compounds... I think your friend swindled you out of half a grand. No friend of mine would sell me old ass fuckin prohormones. Watch your back homie.
  14. SanHawkio

    things to not do before a workout

    Sex is the only reason we live. We are here to procreate.
  15. SanHawkio

    Shoulders bothering me

    Probably a micro tear somewhere in the cuff. Your gonna need a month of recovery. Hard to do, no choice. Or suffer for a long time... I’m one of the guys who chooses to suffer rather than sit out. Decisions yours.
  16. SanHawkio

    anavar and trt

  17. SanHawkio

    nausea from sustanon use

    Sustanon is the most powerful test as is. If your blowing up why add anadrol...? its making you sick. I don’t know how tall you are but unless your 7 foot tall 260 pounds is obese. Anadrol will raise your blood pressure. So add some GW If you do decide to decrease the sus and add the drol. Don’t...
  18. SanHawkio

    insulin intra workout drink

    I was just watching a bodybuilding podcast, King Kamali to Lee Priest seeing rooks at the gym running to the bathroom every 20 minutes injecting insulin between sets. He was adamant that that shit was retarded.
  19. SanHawkio

    powerlifting prime age

    How well people respond to drugs (PEDS) is more of an inclining factor, older men psychically carry more body weight and experience. You see them owning the poundage more often. Agreed.