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  1. SanHawkio

    Liquid Anti-Estrogen

    Yo where’s that liquid form of nolva @? Where can I find it. I’m getting some gyno on one nipple only and it’s pissing me off. I want to try a Topical solution instead of blasting actual nolva while on cycle. The 12.5 mgs EOD aromasin ain’t got shit on dbol and test I’m running. Hopping on...
  2. SanHawkio


    Disregard this post
  3. SanHawkio

    Ordering from Domestic Supply

    Let’s say I’m ordering this tren (This is an example) when I’m trying to buy I understand you need coin base right. When I select the bitcoin option that’s it. Nothing else is prompted for me to put in any other information, to actually pay for the product. How do you actually pay? Is there a...
  4. SanHawkio

    Log #1

    NEW LOG: LGD4003 10 mgs Morning GW501516 20 mgs Morning S4 50 mgs 25Morning-25Afternoon First go at Sarms. Currently running 12 week protocol on the stack posted above for the last week 1/2. I originally stated 2 1/2 weeks ago that I was going to start a log. Unfortunately I have been...
  5. SanHawkio

    Stacking Sarms

    So I went ahead and used a sponsor. Ordered LGD 4033, GW 501516 & S4 from Sarms.forsale and they came in 2 days later as advertised (Badass.) I am more than likely going to create a separate thread giving my honest review of these supplements in my best Masonic Bodybuilder impression. It’s my...
  6. SanHawkio

    I have a question on the Validity of one Sarm manufacture I have seen more than once on instagram

    Their name is Lawless labs. They have a website. They sell everything from mk677, rad140 to LGD14033. I’m interested in the LGD and am wondering how professional these sups are- Jarett Moreno (San Antonio)