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  1. dylangemelli

    Where to buy steroids online?

    100% go with
  2. dylangemelli

    T3 for losing weight dangers?

    your scared of t3 yet your running clen? you should be more scared of clen but yes, you should also not use t3 either! sarms are a far far far safer and also more effective option.. you cant use clen and t3 long term either... so what is the point aside from quick gratitude that does not last...
  3. dylangemelli

    nolvadex vs letrozole for gyno

    what does your bloodwork say? what were you using?
  4. dylangemelli

    trenbolone for older guy

    can you? yes you can... should you is the better question... at 47, why? i guess thats the best question i can think of... i had enough of it and im not even 40 but to each their own... i just cant see the need for it at that age
  5. dylangemelli

    safe to use hgh while glucose is elevated?

    you should be fine but that all comes down to your comfort level
  6. dylangemelli

    celiac issues

    thats a question for your doctor
  7. dylangemelli

    measuring body fat

    in body machines if you can find one to use... hydrostatic testing is the most accurate method
  8. dylangemelli

    how much tren is too little?

    200-250 is just fine with it bro... you will still see results and mitigate the side effects
  9. dylangemelli

    halotestin experiences

    rarely in my life have i just not liked myself all around... ive been disappointed with decision ive made many times and ive been down on myself many times but rarely has it been i just did not like myself altogether... the point of that statement is that two of the few times i felt that way...
  10. dylangemelli

    trenbolone for an old guy

    you've never used anything other than test? tren is for EXPERIENCED users only, which you clearly are nowhere near.... this is a marathon, not a sprint man... there's no need nor reason for you to go near tren anyway...
  11. dylangemelli

    first cycle ever in life

    you are light years away from steroids and tren should not even be in your vocabulary... option 2 for sure.. you can get the best quality sarms at
  12. dylangemelli

    sore muscles on cycle

    how exactly do you expect us to know given the information you have provided? lol wtf?
  13. dylangemelli

    Yates and back training

    no, i dont watch any of those videos...
  14. dylangemelli

    hygetropin legit?

    if you want to get HGH you need a TRUSTED source... here you go!
  15. dylangemelli

    activated charcoal daily?

    i cant "offer you" anything when it comes to that
  16. dylangemelli

    Poll Question: New products to add/ Peptides

    Im sure adding that line would draw a lot of people for sure!
  17. dylangemelli

    halotestin experiences

    you have no reason to use it unless you are a high level competitor man... there's no reason whatsoever otherwise...
  18. dylangemelli

    Domestic Supply Experiences

    nice bro! definitely top of the line!
  19. dylangemelli

    first time PCT

    thats about as terrible as you can get... way too much clomid and you never use hcg in pct... when you use testosterone, you are clearly adding large amounts of it into your body which causes you to eventually be suppressed when you stop using it because your body forgets how to produce it on...
  20. dylangemelli

    primobolan and anavar to lean out

    i would go with test at 350, primo at 600 and run them 12-14 weeks... anavar the last 6 weeks at 50 mg per day is fine too... then add gw501516 and s4 and you have a mean cycle! you can get your sarms at