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  1. Mobster

    trenbolone for older guy

    Yes you should worry about sides
  2. Mobster

    T3 for losing weight dangers?

    I don;t like either drug
  3. Mobster

    nolvadex vs letrozole for gyno

    Are you on cycle?
  4. Mobster

    cardazol before workout or after?

    As per the instructions on the bottle
  5. Mobster

    measuring body fat

    Go online - they'll b a place that can do it near by
  6. Mobster

    celiac issues

    I changed as I got older
  7. Mobster

    inner thighs imbalanced

    I see the same issue with a lot of pros
  8. Mobster

    safe to use hgh while glucose is elevated?

    I think the above reply is probably right
  9. Mobster

    how much tren is too little?

    Why not use another steroid?
  10. Mobster

    weight loss supplements

    How's your diet?
  11. Mobster

    trenbolone for an old guy

    182 isn't a bad weight for 5'8
  12. Mobster

    first cycle ever in life

    Deffo too young for steroids
  13. Mobster

    supplements to raise test levels

    Check out the 'Perfect PCT' sticky
  14. Mobster

    hygetropin legit?

    Depends on where you get it from - try PSL
  15. Mobster

    hip and glute thrusts

    You don't NEED to be sore.
  16. Mobster

    sore muscles on cycle

    I can't help you
  17. Mobster

    activated charcoal daily?

    Nothing. Never used it But it won't 'absorb everything. If that was true just don't eat - same result.
  18. Mobster

    halotestin experiences

    Huge sides along with the results. Best run for VERY short periods
  19. Mobster Podcast #334-[RESPONSE]Ronnie Coleman on Joe Rogan Podcast interview opinions

    Watched the Rogan vid. It could have been loads better