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  1. Topps_Baseball88

    Had a routine checkup today

    Just wanted to make a post about blood pressure and sarms as I see many talk about it being higher, imo if that is the case you have pro hormones or oral aas not sarms. Blood pressure was 110 over 60 Pluse was 72 beats per minute I started my sarms cycle June 4th its july 27th and everything...
  2. Topps_Baseball88

    Starting to see some nice veiny action.

    I am certainly pleased with my sarms stack progress thus far .
  3. Topps_Baseball88

    First cycle plus , natural progression.

    I figured I would post some pictures as its quicker and easier to show everyone what I achieve in 5 years of natural training. Covid19 really tossed a wrench in my progress and I gained some unwanted weight and loss a good amount of what I worked so hard to achieve. So I took the plunge and...