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  1. SanHawkio

    legit andarine s4?

    I’ve tried Sarms 4 sale Andarine, it is good. Caused me some eye related headaches but I’m sensitive in that area. Legit dealer.
  2. SanHawkio

    standing push press

    push press is gay as fuck holmes. Strict standing military press will make you a man. Seated mili press, Arnold dumbbell press and Different variations of bench press will make your shoulders bigger. Don’t ever compare yourself. Do your own thing, be a leader.
  3. SanHawkio

    anavar and testosterone enanthate

    That vile only gonna last you one month at those doses drop your test. To 400. Use as much Anavar you need.
  4. SanHawkio

    no PIP from testosterone injections

    You should be able to feel the test within the first week. For me it’s the first pin. You should know your body by now. Hope you didn’t get f*cked.
  5. SanHawkio

    test deca cycle question

    I’m on 400 test e and 300 deca and dbol. Deca dick is real get some caber and HCG before you start. Next month I’ll be on anadrol. Kick it off with dbol then go on anadrol. Big gains
  6. SanHawkio

    calves not growing help!

    I hope your not one of these guys... LMFAO! Bro you do not need heavy weight to grow your calves you need to pin point your calve heads by your feet placement. Get a good stretch then slow on the way up like a concentration bicep curl. Start counting after the burn like Ali said. Don’t be...
  7. SanHawkio

    tren lethargy advice

    I’ve heard from guru Andrew Lock.... People on tren that can’t eat or feel lethargic should drink one glass of Orange juice in the morning essentially to help boost your tolerance and mood related to the drug.
  8. SanHawkio

    comfort food while sick?

    Try cold-eze lozenges will get rid of your sore throat in approximately 2 days me and my mom love these. You want to eat hot shit like soup, chicken noodle... and try drinking warm tea. Helps your throat
  9. SanHawkio

    how to become a personal trainer?

    Also side note if your good enough and cute enough (No homo) you might just want to get certified and freelance train on your own because the big gym business will take 50 percent of your cut anyways. The problem is finding a gym that will allow you to freelance personal train in there gym.
  10. SanHawkio

    how to become a personal trainer?

    First of all you have to find out the specific certification that the company (Golds, Planet fitness, 24-hour fitness, etc.) requires their PT's to have. I've seen guys be turned down positions because they paid 300+ dollars completing an extensive certification that wasn't required for Golds...
  11. SanHawkio

    how many meals per day?

    If your trying to get swole as f*ck eat every 2 hours high protein. Eat meat, snack on meat and nuts and Greek yogurt. Eat slow digesting carbs like a cup of oatmeal before you train and drink only water and maybe a gatorade. keep suar and salts low if your on heavy gear
  12. SanHawkio

    best cycle for acne sufferers

    That sounds like some sh!t straight out of a parody movie. Sorry you went through that. Stunt on them haters.
  13. SanHawkio

    Ordering from Domestic Supply

    Made an order yesterday and I have to tell you. Your right, waiting 6 days after you buy btc to transfer it is a wreck and counter productive. Looking into coin mama which allows transfers same day. @P0N
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    Disregard this post
  15. SanHawkio

    cant sleep on SARMS

    I get that problem if I dose to late which im about to do my S4 25 mgs right now at 12 am. Probably won’t go to sleep until 4 or 5am. Just gonna have to deal with it or wake up early as fuck so your drained and fall asleep effortlessly. This is a funny question because if you never had any...
  16. SanHawkio

    monotrophic diets a good idea?

    Eat a big sausage link and two grapes. For breakfast lunch and dinner. (don’t😂)
  17. SanHawkio

    sarms and estrogenic sides

    Fake Sarms
  18. SanHawkio

    Ordering from Domestic Supply

    What happened was the coinbase purchase charged my bank account so I thought I was able to trade right away but.. Like you said it shows that my BTC will be available in 4 days. This Bitcoin is all new Uncharted territory for me. The 8 cents that it was showing me was free, the market was up...
  19. SanHawkio

    Ordering from Domestic Supply

    Can some one help me out once again (Sorry). I put 280 dollars and converted them to bitcoin on coin base. Made an order, went to pay on the app and it’s literally telling me I have 8 cents to trade with. When I’m not trading it shows my full amount. What did I do wrong? My order was 0.0286 and...
  20. SanHawkio

    Ordering from Domestic Supply

    Went through. It took 1 full day and a half for USAA transfers to coinbase