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    I be doing tbol-50 this cycle with 500mg of cypionate twice a week. This be my 5th cycle since 2003. Do I split the tbol in two or take the 50mg at once, in morning? First time doing tbol. Thank you
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    Anyone in here do trt doses?
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    Up and down in bodyweight

    I'm on week 10 of cypionate, been off dbol for 6 weeks now. I've been going up and down in bodyweight. I know it was water weight on the dbol. Will I keep gaining on cypionate alone?
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    I'm up 10lbs going on 8th week. Is that good, I kick started dbol first 4 weeks.
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    What dose should I use if I start feeling sensation in nips and how long. It just feels like nerves. Thank you
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    Does it matter when I take dbol? I'm taking 30mg a day, I take at 4a.m., 12 and 6.
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    Do you use same needles when drawing from vials. I've always had the snap offs.
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    Cypionate and Dbol

    Week 1-4 30mg dbol Week 1-12 200ml a week Armindex and Nolvadex on hand. This will be my 4th cycle, last one was in 2007. I've got good gains on sus250 and dbol. I be getting blood work before I start, which I never had in past.