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  1. SteveSmi

    Do you need an AI with EQ?

    I have never requird an AI with eq
  2. SteveSmi

    Enhanced sarms came cloudy

    ask them for your money back as simple as that
  3. SteveSmi

    Dangerous to use BPmedical DNP

    dude forget DNP
  4. SteveSmi

    N2Generate and N2Guard

    n2generate is a natural test booster but it also helps with other things like balancing hormones and even cholesterol
  5. SteveSmi

    How much supplements vs. diet being good

    all of the above is important
  6. SteveSmi

    First cycle Tips...go easy

    how much ai to use is dependent on bloods
  7. SteveSmi

    NapsGear.Org Special Offers/Discounts and Reviews

    very nice gear, dragon is excellent
  8. SteveSmi

    Video Is trenbolone actually worth it?? A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    i would say if you run it don't get greedy. its a potent steroid
  9. SteveSmi

    will sarms mess up trt?

    you would want to blast with sarms and then go back to your proper trt cruise
  10. SteveSmi

    EQ cycle with tren

    no need with tren to do an oral, but if you do i recommend a mild oral only like var or tbol
  11. SteveSmi

    geneza pharma injections

    on occasion yes you can, but over time with a big cycle you really need to go IM
  12. SteveSmi

    bad testosterone pharmavol-labs

    100% gotta go with naspgear, they are the cream of the crop
  13. SteveSmi

    any vegetable options to cook

    the healthiest way is lightly steam or boil. or eat raw of course
  14. SteveSmi

    best workouts for arms

    weighted pullups and rows should be the base
  15. SteveSmi

    b12 injections or pills?

    here is why injecting b12 is far superior. if you have a b12 deficiency it is gut related in the first place. so your body will have a hard time absorbing vitamins in the first place. this is why those with crohns disease are told by the best doctors to INJECT b12 naspgear has b12
  16. SteveSmi

    NapsGear Naps Customer Gear Pics

    this is wonderful products. great products
  17. SteveSmi

    Ostarine + GW

    sarms.forsale and umbrella have the best ostarine and gw do the mk 25-50 and the gw 20
  18. SteveSmi

    Ordering steroids and seizure

    no don't send it back, just trash it. change your address you order from, get a po box