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    Hcg question

    I purchased some hcg gonadotropin , it arrived today but as I was reading the instruction booklet it says intra muscular only . I was told this is administered sub q around the belly button two inches out. My question is which one is right IM or SUB Q ? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Anavar question

    So I started Anavar 50 mg. Ed split on this past Friday. Have felt great up untill today. I worked out really hard Monday and Tuesday , when I woke up today I felt and still feel like I have no energy at all . A little sore from workout but nothing out of the ordinary. Is this normal or does it...
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    Looking for advice on when to take aromisin with dianabol and if this is the best answer for preventing gyno ? Any help greatly appreciated thank you
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    Aromisin and dianabol

    I'm looking for advice on when I should take aromisin with the dianabol and is this the best answer for preventing gyno ? Any help wwould be greatly appreciated thank you.
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    New man

    What's up gentleman, 49 texas brickmason . Got back into gym about a year ago. Going as hard as I can naturally but I'm fixing to give myself that xtra edge hopefully take me where I want to be.