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  1. Mike_wh00

    Mass cycle

    You guys all seen my post about trying to figure out what I should run for a best quality mass cycle. Well here it is. Ill log in weekly with updates on how its going. Started it Monday and up 4 lbs already ;) Weekly Sus 400 Dbh 300 (short ester of eq, better in my opinion ) Npp 300 Tren 150...
  2. Mike_wh00


    I'm the one who just posted the thread " next cycle opinions " there i posted pics of now 4 months after a sdrol tren mast test cycle showing I kept my gains. Here are old pics from when I was 21,22. I am now 31. When I posted the sdrol tren mast cycle I stated I wasn't new to this. And I am...
  3. Mike_wh00

    Next cycle opinions

    Looking to do another cycle, starting very shortly after Xmas. Last one I did was sdrol, test, tren/mast. I posted the log here. Its been almost 4 months since. I kept all my size and most strength. Lost little bf and water retention. I'm lookin to add good solid mass. So I want to do best...
  4. Mike_wh00

    My log of the test, sdrol, tren,mast mix cycle

    Cycle: Test c : 200 mg weekly Andro 300 : 1 ml twice weekly (Test e 100mg, tren e 100mg, mast e 100mg) Sdrol : 2 caps a day for 30 days Milk thistle: 1000mg twice daily Diet : I ate 3 or 4 meals a day I would have snacks throughout the day such as Greek yogurt, almonds, cottage cheese Drank 3...
  5. Mike_wh00

    Test, sdrol, tren/masteron mix

    Second week in the test, sdrol, tren/mast. Mix cycle. Feel great. Huge gains.