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  1. Reno

    Yoga, yoga, yoga

    Long walks wont hurt
  2. Reno

    carb diet question

    Protein will make you more full. 30 grams of protein is way more filling than 30 grams of carbs
  3. Reno

    Alternate injection sites

    I'm new to this so no time for scar tissue to build. I use a 25 gauge needle. She said no aspiration when administering delt injections I'm sure there is protocol for all sorts of sizes and ages.
  4. Reno

    Alternate injection sites

    I cant aspirate if I pin my delts. To much coordination. My sisters a PA and in my state you are actually not supposed to aspirate delt injections. I switched to quads though and I have no issue with one site twice a week
  5. Reno

    diet soda and throwing up

    Try drinking milk instead I hear thats what they tell the new high-school track athletes
  6. Reno

    diet soda and throwing up

  7. Reno

    coffee help sweetener

    Sometimes ill mix 2 stevia and 1 raw (real) sweetener to give my coffee sweetness with a little bit of a real kick. If you are worried about calories use 2% or alternative creamers. I feel you i love coffee
  8. Reno

    insulin to get big

    I try not to recommend cycle protocol. That being said putting on muscle is what cycles are for. Maybe you should make another thread and ask for the right information
  9. Reno

    Exemestane or Letrozole

    I would start saving if it really matters to you
  10. Reno

    alcohol okay in moderation?

    if your dieting alcohol will get in the way. If your trying to put on muscle alcohol will get in the way. If your trying to save money alcohol will get in the way. Only thing its good for is making new friends.
  11. Reno

    Arimidex instead of Proviron

    I got sick the day after I got my labs done. It was not corona. It took me out of the gym from Tuesday Oct 13th to Monday October 19th. im fine now.
  12. Reno

    Arimidex instead of Proviron

    It started with a sour throat and ended up being a sinus issues. No coughing or fever. I swear to God that labcorp is a deathsentence. I imagine any place offering covid tests (even if in addition to blood tests) is not safe. Also to those who care I changed lab dates I just dont post every...
  13. Reno

    Arimidex instead of Proviron

    Ima just superset this thread. I got sick. Gains on hold :mad:. 100%sure i got sick when I was getting my bloodwork done at labcorp. Be careful out there guys.
  14. Reno

    Arimidex instead of Proviron

    Anyone know how long it will be before I feel normal?
  15. Reno

    best exercise to burn fat

    I switch up my training style every few weeks. For me if I have the time ill do a solid 1hr 40 minute incline walking session. I can feel my body switch into fat burning mode. What worked for me was cutting calories hard and switching to keto. After I was on keto for about 2 weeks I was able to...
  16. Reno

    Arimidex instead of Proviron

    LOL I took 3mg of arimidex instead of 75 mg of proviron 😂😂. I cant be the only one who has done this
  17. Reno

    first cycle my nipples itchy

    Oh no
  18. Reno

    caesar salad?

    Its probably very high calorie tho like 600-1200 calories which is a shit ton. To put that in perspective a pound of fruit is ~350 calories. Try eating a chicken salad wrap with a protein tortilla. You could probably eat 3 of those instead of that salad. Get into low cal sauces and dressings...
  19. Reno

    caesar salad?

    I mean its not the worst thing you can eat.
  20. Reno


    I believe in medicine. Talk to your doctor about it.