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  1. Reno

    Arimidex instead of Proviron

    LOL I took 3mg of arimidex instead of 75 mg of proviron 😂😂. I cant be the only one who has done this
  2. Reno

    Bulk cycle ideas

    I want to do a bulk. I would not recommend anyone to do a cut for their first cycle (like I did) because you simply don't eat enough to get full use out of your gear. I was unnecessarily jeopardizing my health. Thats why I'm coming off early. I have my lab work date planned for 3 weeks from now...
  3. Reno


    My vitals improved. A few months ago I made a post that my blood pressure had increased to the high normal range which is wierd for me because I normally have a low BP. My heart rate had also improved to a normal 64bpm. These vitals were taken after a workout and while on preworkout. Im excited...
  4. Reno

    Are Orals Worth It?

    Are orals worth it. I mean I understand that they are not only anabolic but some of them lower shbg and increase free test. They are just so expensive compared to injectables. Like why wouldn't you run a different DHT compound like Masteron or Primo instead of something like Proviron or Anavar...
  5. Reno

    Clen and Information

    I'm curios AF. I learn best through trial and error. Call it smart or dumb idc. The point is I didn't listen to Dylan or any of other experienced guys about clen. I bought some thinking it would be similar to other stims and curb appetite or whatever. It fucking sucks. The feeling wasn't that...
  6. Reno

    Whats the best cycle support from GNC

    I have a gnc gift card and was looking through their supplements and I couldn't find anything that was specifically good for cycles. I am wondering if anyone knows a product on GNC website that is good for cycles.
  7. Reno

    Increased Blood Pressure on Sarms

    My blood pressure was up 10 points (78/136) to (88/144) since I started sarms. Blood pressure is always taken in the morning and I wasn't on any more stimulants than normal... do sarms cause polycythemia? I know they were designed for osteoporosis and other muscle/bone wasting diseases. if my bp...
  8. Reno

    Questions and Log (Log #2)

    I have been researching fat loss supplements through youtubers like the anabolic doc and "ask the doc." This hasn't changed much of what I am thinking about taking for fat loss in the coming months. I've narrowed it down to sr-9009, mk-677, and gw. Before I buy more of these things I want to...
  9. Reno

    First Sarm Cycle Advice (Log)

    I am currently 3 weeks into my cycle (4 weeks dieting) of 10mg lgd 4033 (Lignandrol) (w/ 2 days experimenting with dosage) 20 mg gw (Cardarine) (10 mg for the first 2 and a half weeks), and 25 mg of MK 2866 (Ostarine) (consistant). The primary side effect of this cycle is significant...
  10. Reno


    Read above post (cant figure out how to delete)
  11. Reno


    I am 6ft 2" and am about to do a major cut. I've started eating 1800 calories and doing atleast 500 cals of cardio along with strength training 6x a week. I am not new to the supplement world but I am inexperienced. Sarms are where my test subject is starting but after this stack the test...