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  1. Anabolex-Chuck

    UGFreak review

    @Simard32 has already resolved the issue with @ugfreak Any claims of scam are false and have been a complete misunderstanding. The original claim by @Simard32 was made without reading the FAQ/Shipping/Payment guidelines from UGFreak.to. It has been resolved now. Therefore the claim against...
  2. Anabolex-Chuck

    APPROVED UPSteroid.com

    Is UPSteroid.com trusted in 2021 and 2022? are the a scam? what are their reviews? UPSteroid.com has shown they are trustworthy and approved on anabolex- they have a good following. They have our full seal of approval and trust. UPSteroid has positive reviews and many good customers who report...
  3. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer UK , USA , EU stock peptides and sarms [email protected]

    [email protected] Hi,boss Nice day ! So happy to know you sell peptides and sarms from through your website We have peptides&SM stock in USA, spain .UK,three stock serve you :))) Our Main products: Peptides: GHRP, CJC, Ipamorelin, sermorelin, tesamorelin,triptorelin,hexarelin...
  4. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer Peptides+Sarms powders in UK USA Stock with super quality [email protected]

    [email protected] Hello boss, This is Tina ,how are you doing? We learnn you selling sarms on your website. We have many Sarms powders and Peptides in our UK USA warehouse, it cane be posted to you from our warehosue today if you need. Here is our Sarms list: RAD140 RAD150 LGD4033...
  5. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer UK/Spain warehouse peptides&sarms in stock, EU domestic delivery [email protected]

    sarmslabs @famous-peptides.com Hi friend,how are you ? Greetings from Anthony. We are professional peptides and SARMs manufacter here in China, with over 12 years of international shipping experience, that can support us to supply you quality peptides and sarms with safe devivery...
  6. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer Inquiry [email protected]

    [email protected] Inquiry, Do you have any shippment from China? Hi isarms.com We are the Top 100 freight forwarder in China,We can handle the shipment from Shenzhen, Guangzhou,Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao and so on. Here below is our main services: 1. Air freight&Ocean freight...
  7. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer Secure shipping. peps/hgh/raws- Online Peptides [email protected]

    [email protected] Hello, Online-Peptides supply peptides/HGH vials and Steroids/SARMs raw powders. Warehouse in USA and Germany, secure domestic delivery. We provide wholesale as well as drop shipping service. For more information, please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to...
  8. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer Peptides/hgh, raws. Secure Domestic Shipping! [email protected]

    [email protected] Dear Sir/Madam, Our main products cover peptides/hgh vials, SARMs and steroids raw powders. If any product meets your demand, please feel free to contact us. We provide wholesale as well as drop shipping service. Secure USA and EU domestic shipping. Hope to establish...
  9. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer Lab New Peptides VIP 2mg,6mg in stock with super quality [email protected]

    [email protected] Hello boss, This is Tina, how are you doing recently ? We have many Peptides in our USA warehouse, our Best Peptides selling like:TB-500,BPC-157,Epitalon,MOTS-C,HGH,GHRP-6...all have stock in USA warehouse, it can be posted to you from our USA warehouse with USPS...
  10. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer UK USA best selling MT2 domestic shipment [email protected]

    [email protected] Dear Sir, Wish you enjoy a great day! This isTina, representing FamousPeptides company in Zhengzhou,China. It’s the most reliable supplier of MT2 with 10 years experience in China. As a professional manufacturer, I would like to introduce our Melanotan 2 to you...
  11. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer A good friend [email protected]

    jessiewhitedragon @gmail.com We are a purple panda factory from China. Our company mainly produces steroid raw materials and finished products with reliable quality and reasonable price, which can provide value to your company if needed. Please contact me and wish you good luck and business is...
  12. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer 99% quality Peptides USA base stock list+competitive prices [email protected]

    [email protected] Hello friend, This is Tina, hope you are very well.:)) We have been doing peptides and sarms business over 12 years with USA UK Spain HK warehouse, all our Peptides and sarms test report avaiable with competitive prices. We learned your peptides on your...
  13. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer E: Do you have RAD150? [email protected]

    Hello, I'm Kristen. We are the raw material supplier of Sarms and Peptides. We: 1. Ship from the U.S. 2. Issue HPLC, H NMR test reports and third-party tests. 3. Independent laboratory, without any unidentified sources. 4. Good price with large quantities. You will be satisfied with our...
  14. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer order [email protected]

    Hi, I am Tom from a reliable steroid raw source. We back to work from Chinese new year. Are you interested in high purity of steroids powders? Safe shipping to USA/EU/UK/Canada/Australia/NZ/Mexico/Brazil. Thanks for updates. Tom Wickrme maxtom Maxsource14 @protonmail.com Maxsource Chem Co., Ltd.
  15. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer Tadalafil products feedback from US well known distributor ,100% purity [email protected]

    peptidebiotech @gmail.com Customer speaks highly of our tadalafil products. Please check attached screenshot of chatting record and test result. He's well known distributor in USA market. To protect his information , that's all I can show. Looking forward to work with you as well ! Thanks
  16. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer SARMs,Peptides & Steroid shipping from USA & China [email protected]

    Hi there, This is Harvey from Phtdpeptide lab,we supply SARMs & Peptides & Steroid with high quality at competitive prices. We produce in Phtdpeptide lab.All our products purity higher than 99%. We have a warehouse in CA.USA,the products can be shipped to you from there if you are in USA or...
  17. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer 3- Re: peptides andsarms trial order from zoe [email protected]

    hi friend how are you today ? friend , today our UK and USA stock arrived a batch of peptides and sarns , i can update our stock for you if not bother you UK stock now have peptides and sarms : UK stock now have peptides and sarms : spain stock now have peptides and sarms...
  18. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer USA base BPC-157 5mg Price Trial Order [email protected]

    Hello Boss How is your day ? It's Happy to know you from the website of your company, we are the one of the biggest manufactures of MT2 &Pepdites &Sarms company in china. our products are the most popular in the international beautytrade business ,i ‘m honored to give you the advantages of...
  19. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer USA base 99.9%+Sarms new batch Domestic shipping [email protected]

    Hello boss How are you doing recently ? Lately our USA warehouse have arrived new batch Sarms powders, it can be posted to you with USPS within 2-4 days. We support Sarms Capsules, Sarms liquids and Sarms powders; SARMS powders can be posted from USA warehouse domestic shipping; All...
  20. Anabolex-Chuck

    Scammer We can ship from US warehouse during Chinese holiday ! [email protected]

    Dear Supervisor , hope everything going well with you. Is your Chinese supplier on holiday ? Don't worry , we are always here and we can ship from US warehouse , feel free to let me know if you need any SARMs and Peptides ! Please check attached USA inventory list. Thanks & Regards...