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  1. GHgut4life

    Ugfreak ships how long?

    International takes a bit longer. Keep us posted when it arrives.
  2. GHgut4life

    UGFreak review

    are you going to log your cycle on Anabolex? post a NEW thread LOG it
  3. GHgut4life

    UGFreak review

    @ugfreak is legit they always take care of our guys
  4. GHgut4life

    Old Man Cycle Log - 1st SARMS Cycle - (Sarms4Sale)

    That's a good update you should just drop the strained tuna and switch to all chicken and BP 130 is not that bad you're way too concerned for nothing, you might be bigger and more muscular so need more higher bp over 140 is an issue but 130/x is not bad you can cut lgd4033 in 1/2 see how you...
  5. GHgut4life

    mixing sarms or separate?

    you should mix them and use in 2 doses am and preworkout
  6. GHgut4life

    changing your steroid stack

    i wouldnt bump the EQ no need just keep EQ the same and add test
  7. GHgut4life

    hupharma: wickr worried

    hupharma worst scammer around
  8. GHgut4life

    is liver supps worth it?

    liver supplements are needed orals or injectables
  9. GHgut4life

    check out my lifting plans

    i like your plans not bad at all go for it but add 1 more day to pump
  10. GHgut4life

    how often pizza and subs?

    i eat pizza every week but im on hgh dude
  11. GHgut4life

    GH vs. MK677 (your experience)

    you know its different and feels different I'm a hgh guy so I can tell you, exogenous vs endogenous growth hormone is like very different feeling 1) gains way too different honestly 2-3) sides on mk677 nutrobal very light, on hgh can be higher like bloat 4) i feel hgh is more legit way to get...
  12. GHgut4life

    Old Man Cycle Log - 1st SARMS Cycle - (Sarms4Sale)

    updates no this log?
  13. GHgut4life

    Adding sarms to trt

    I would add cardarine and ostarine to trt imo 20mgs gw 50mgs mk most guys will agree
  14. GHgut4life

    Pharmavol-labs.com low levels

    Pharmavol-labs.com is not trusted, not a good lab
  15. GHgut4life

    Best way to get in b12

    you can get b12 injections or take some pilss
  16. GHgut4life

    Domestic-Supply Highly recommend domestic supply

    Domestic supply high quality pharma grade guy
  17. GHgut4life

    UGFreak review

    @ugfreak always on top of it, great guy and a great brand @Simard32 you can see @ugfreak is on top of it giving you personal responses, that says a lot UGFreak.to is a high quality legit source, I'm on a cycle from ugfreak tren/gh right now going good
  18. GHgut4life

    What stacks good with tren?

    trenbolone stacks the best with winstrol for sure
  19. GHgut4life

    [email protected] horrible

    [email protected] is not a good supplier many meso rx guys scamming