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  1. Jbswole40

    PuritySourceLabs Euro Pharma Bloods

    Did mid cycle bloods,running 300 test ,npp 300 ,proviron 50ed. No a.i..all ep.products.thought I'd share.
  2. Jbswole40

    PuritySourceLabs Npp proviron & stenbolone cycle

    Test e 125 m w f Npp 100 eod Stenbolone 100eod Proviron 25 ed Gw 20 ed. 2600 calories.looking to increase daily. So it's the end of 1st week on Stenbolone today felt amazing back& biceps were fully pumped.Started npp 3 weeks ago,so far smooth as hell.strength really increased this week on...
  3. Jbswole40

    PuritySourceLabs 2 fast touchdowns.

    Npp proviron and stenbolone. Been running npp few weeks now along proviron and test.smooth oil and good results.gunna start sten this week.also have ep Nolvadex and arimidex.always satisfied with products.