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  1. Vadim Fedorov

    PuritySourceLabs Euro-Pharmacies PSL TRT PLUS

    E-P is reliable supplier, great products
  2. Vadim Fedorov

    Geneza geneza pharma has your back

    GP is reliable supplier of high quality gear
  3. Vadim Fedorov

    UncleZ One of the few sources with this product

    Unclez is approved, reliable source
  4. Vadim Fedorov

    NapsGear Weekend Sale Will Begin on July 2, 2022...!

    Always looking forward to it
  5. Vadim Fedorov

    Sarms for older folk

    Consider running sarm MK2866, should help
  6. Vadim Fedorov

    Old Man Cycle Log - 1st SARMS Cycle - (Sarms4Sale)

    Very detailed and effective log
  7. Vadim Fedorov

    NapsGear IIFYM vs Clean Eating: An Interpretation

    Great article for clean dieting
  8. Vadim Fedorov

    atkins diet no longer good?

    Prefer CKD, more effective for bodybuilding
  9. Vadim Fedorov

    should I even bother training?

    Drop training load, but do train
  10. Vadim Fedorov

    n2burn proper dose

    1 cap in the morning and 1 cap before training
  11. Vadim Fedorov has gone bad?

    It does not happen with approved suppliers, why waist time and money with unknown sources
  12. Vadim Fedorov

    can I cut with ostarine?

    Here is your sarms cutting stack: MK2866-50mgs; GW-20mgs, both daily; CARDAZOL-NATURAL booster of cardio,stamina,energy, FAT loss
  13. Vadim Fedorov

    test and superdrol

    Consider following: TEST-500mgs, weekly; superdrol-10mgs, daily; plus N2Guard for organ support
  14. Vadim Fedorov

    Vince Taylor beast of his era

    Vince was real pro
  15. Vadim Fedorov

    PuritySourceLabs looking to grab psl products

    PSL is the place to get it from, quality is guaranteed
  16. Vadim Fedorov

    UncleZ Road to redemption log

    Legs looking spectacular