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  1. ParetoPharmaUG

    Pareto on Reddit

    It's not for sourcing. It's for customer reviews and experiences.
  2. ParetoPharmaUG

    Protein needs on cycle (tren)

    Between 1g and 2g of protein should be more than enough to keep you in a positive nitrogen balance. Don't rely on shakes as the shakes are in and out fast, use shakes as supplements only. Great protein sources: Salmon, Chicken breast, Steaks etc... 4 to 5 meals a day with some rice or pasta...
  3. ParetoPharmaUG

    high cholesterol blood work

    Here's what worked for me, just my personal opinion. 1- A good quality Fish Oil supplement. Dave Palumbo carries a good one. 2- Increase your Fiber 3- A fantastic supplement that actually worked is Molecular Nutrition's Lipid Stabil. I know a lot of people don't believe in supplements, because...
  4. ParetoPharmaUG

    deca dick problem 500mgs

    You should always add some test when using Deca. 1- You will avoid sexuals sides 2- They stack very well together I believe that Testosterone should be the base of every cycle. It's cheap, effective and stacks well with a lot of AAS.
  5. ParetoPharmaUG

    Pareto on Reddit

    There is a Sub on reddit for Pareto Pharma discussions, reviews, experiences etc...
  6. ParetoPharmaUG

    Who we are... Please read.

    [email protected] Its working fine.
  7. ParetoPharmaUG

    pharma winstrol?

    Thank you sir. It works great as well :)
  8. ParetoPharmaUG

    pharma winstrol?

    Canadian? We have it.
  9. ParetoPharmaUG

    legit primobolan available?

    If you are in Canada we have legit Primo.
  10. ParetoPharmaUG

    masteron source and brand

    If you are in CAnada, we have a good quality Masteron.
  11. ParetoPharmaUG

    Combination w/ depression

    Hey brother, I usually don't do this, but I can hook you up with Pharma grade Meds for depression. But best see your doctor, they can prescribe you something that suits your needs. There is a new trend now, a friend of mine owns a Company in Canada, they are producing Mushrooms Micro Doses to...
  12. ParetoPharmaUG

    Winstrol and Test Suspension

    Some people mix it with Injectable Vitamin B12 if they have issues with PIP.
  13. ParetoPharmaUG

    Repeat Customers always get freebies

    We appreciate your feedback!
  14. ParetoPharmaUG

    stacking 2 steroids or increase 1

    Synergy my friend. Certain compounds stack well together.
  15. ParetoPharmaUG

    tren solo cycle

    I agree with you only if he's using the Enanthate ester of Tren. Tren Acetate should be done at least every other day, and preferably everyday. If you are using Tren Enanthate, 200 to 300mgs/week should be sufficient. Personally I dislike the Enanthate ester in Tren. With the Acetate, it's...
  16. ParetoPharmaUG

    stacking 2 steroids or increase 1

    Add Deca to your cycle.
  17. ParetoPharmaUG

    using HGH and T3 together

    Yes it's preferable to use T3 while on GH, however it also depends on your dose and GH regimen. Most important, Insulin use with GH is essential as GH will increase your blood sugar, and long term GH without Insulin will get you in trouble. Insulin sensitivity is essential for growth and overall...
  18. ParetoPharmaUG

    minimal steroid cycle to consider

    That is very subjective. You will not get any organ damage if you use responsibly, considering you don't have any pre existing health Issues. Keep it simple, Testosterone will cover you what you want, 600mg per week will suffice. I would do 600mgs of Test Enanthate or Cypionate for 12 weeks...
  19. ParetoPharmaUG

    superdrol and hdl

    Almost all orals will mess with your Cholesterol. Take a good quality fish oil supplement, it's always a good idea whether on or off cycle. Also, I personally use Molecular Nutrition Liver and Lipid Stabil supplements. Lipid stabil is amazing for cholesterol combine with fish oil.
  20. ParetoPharmaUG

    how many Iu's of insulin post workout?

    Using Insulin is not a big deal if you know what you are doing. You should research using insulin so you get the best results. Humalog is what you want to use Post workout. Just make sure you eat clean after your shot and load up on amino acids, protein and carbs, avoid fats for at least 4...