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  1. SteveSmi

    Geneza Pharma podcast highlights, getting ripped Check out a brand new podcast writeup on how to get ripped via Tren and Var from Geneza Pharma.
  2. SteveSmi

    Approved Euro Pharma Summer Oral Cutting cycles

    click to check out the summary of the episode of evo hardcore 2.0 #2 with myself and Mobster a great one to look at if you are thinking about doing your next oral cutter
  3. SteveSmi

    Bob Cicherillo "BobChick" The voice you may have seen him on tv, ESPN, and online. but who is he? turns out his history is crazy
  4. SteveSmi

    Podcast 192 Bryan Balzano. who is this guy? why do we think he could have a very bright future?
  5. SteveSmi

    Tony Huge podcast and article

    this guy is a piece of work who keeps getting medical issues including a heart attack check out his article and you decide
  6. SteveSmi

    Euro Pharmacies presents: Summer cutting cycle

    Mobster and I bring you a new episode where we go over Summer Cutting cycles this is the one to check out if you want to learn how to cut down with steroids
  7. SteveSmi

    Vince Taylor beast of his era He never stopped, even dominating masters Olympia in the 90's check out what he used
  8. SteveSmi

    ug12 podcast, check it out . tren/winny want to find out how to use tren and winny? want to cut down?
  9. SteveSmi

    how best to use winstrol and tren. UG12 podcast if you want to learn how to use winny and tren check this one out its a great podcast
  10. SteveSmi

    Mike Matarazzo death cycle learn what Mike did to lead to his death learn about his wins
  11. SteveSmi

    mcmillan died too young sad story of a bodybuilder who died way too young learn more about his life
  12. SteveSmi

    overcoming obstacles: The Frank McGrath story learn what he has overcome and his amazing physique check out his steroid cycles
  13. SteveSmi

    Christian Bale is Batman! Find out how Bale got ripped and how he got super skinny for his various roles. find out his steroid stacks
  14. SteveSmi

    Iron Overloads #1 Hardcore Tren You asked for it, you got it
  15. SteveSmi

    check out hugh jackman steroid cycle find out what he has done in his career and his steroid use
  16. SteveSmi

    The Rock is an amazing talent from wrestling, to movies, to producing. The Rock is a proven money maker, find out what steroids he used
  17. SteveSmi

    Evo Underground #10 6 pack abs Check out this article and podcast on getting 6 pack abs with Geneza's help!
  18. SteveSmi

    louie simmons dead you may not know who he is but he has taught a lot of strategies to train
  19. SteveSmi

    Brad Pitt steroid cycle So what did he use in Fight Club and his other movies? why is he so popular?
  20. SteveSmi

    Bostin Loyd article/podcast

    not only do Mobster and I go over bostin loyd's life and death. but i also chronicle what led to this in an article. you will want to check this out and see his entire death cycle