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  1. Micheal_Knight

    All Gold PSL log

    Well there’s no section here for logs of any type so I’ll just post this here I guess? So I want to start off by saying I can’t tell you guys how excited I am to run this gold line cycle we have put out recently! The time and effort that was put into this line absolutely shows when you get your...
  2. Micheal_Knight

    What you can’t beat this by PSL

    You absolutely can’t beat the quality in the gold line by PSL! Will be posting a log up tomorrow for this cycle. Stay tuned
  3. Micheal_Knight

    New year new physique and goals to be met!!

    So what’s everyone got planned for this new year? Trying to maintain? Trying to add on slabs of muscle? Or just looking to shed some unwanted weight and enjoy the new look? Maybe you guys have some new compounds you plan on running this year or even a new stack you want to try? I’m going to be...
  4. Micheal_Knight

    Let’s get serious and talk MENT!

    So this compound I have been up in the air about running for a very very long time. I wanted to make this thread to get first hand users experience with it. How did it enhance your cycle? What was the sweet spot for you? Was it worth it in the end and would you run it again. I feel like this...
  5. Micheal_Knight

    A nice little gift to myself

    Nice little pack landed today! Even got a new gold line product!!
  6. Micheal_Knight

    Doesn’t get better than this!!

    Always love my TD’s from PSL!!
  7. Micheal_Knight

    Quick intro....

    What’s up guys figure I’d jump over here and check everything out. Been lifting around 8yrs, on gear for around 5 of those years... I’m on a few other forums under a different name I’m sure I’ll see some familiar faces here hopefully!