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  1. ivandanko

    Payment for HGH - Pay 60% now and 40% after receiving the order

    You pay 60% now and 40% after receiving the order!! We accept: Western Union, Bitcoin, Visa/ Master Card! We send within 1 days after payment. Shipping takes about 12-20 days. A 99.9 % success rate of delivery. Promotion! Norditropin 30IU pen (buy 4+1 free! + free shipping) Omnitrope 30IU...
  2. ivandanko

    Ivan Danko HGH shop

    HGH shop Jintropin 50iu/200iu, Norditropin 30iu pen, Ansomone 100iu, Spectros 140iu/150iu, Zptropin 120iu, Kigtropin 100iu, Hygetropin 100iu, Somatropin Canada 100iu, Qitrope 100iu. International shipping. Free shipping on all orders over $600 We accept: BTC (10% extra discount)...