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  1. Phill

    best steroids for sex life

    Testosterone Isocaproate + Masteron + Proviron
  2. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs cycle-life LOG

    I eat around 160-200 grams per day
  3. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs cycle-life LOG

    Like all summer I'm taking MT2. This year, however, I only took the "regular" sun, I did not have tanning beds. I've been to the beach, the pool, the lake and the mountains. Of course I always had to keep the costume on ... so... I became like an oreo: I have a white ass in the middle and...
  4. Phill

    Diet changes i made

    always pay attention to the calories of food and stay as far away from sugar as possible
  5. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs cycle-life LOG

    back to my typical diet. horse meat and rice
  6. Phill

    Video Shock in a Gym

  7. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs cycle-life LOG

    this weekend I spoiled myself by eating lots of fish and delicacies like scallops
  8. Phill

    Larger cycle injection schedule

    it really depends on how big you are. personally I never go beyond 2 ml per injection and also pay attention to the mg/ml concentration. if the products are standard masteron 500mgs are 2.5ml Testosterone enanthate 750 mgs per week, that's 3 ml equipoise 500mgs a week, they are 2ml of 250 or...
  9. Phill

    Anyone know any reddit sarms sources?

    there are many approved and safe sources here.
  10. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs cycle-life LOG

    meal preparation: 140 gr rice and courgettes + 400 ml pasteurized egg white Shoulder and chest workout
  11. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs cycle-life LOG

    last week of the program training. I will take August free, in the sense that I will train at "sensation", without a program, I will do what I feel like doing. In September, I wanted to do a basic, old-fashioned program for bulk. Bench press, deadlift, squat, military press ... something like...
  12. Phill

    Who uses tbol?

    tbol is good, I like it very much I react very well. The injectable one is of a higher grade
  13. Phill

    Thyroid help

    you should have blood work first. from there you know if your thyroid is malfunctioning or not
  14. Phill

    who on here uses steroids year round?

    I agree that it is essential that you inform yourself very well before you start taking drugs. on this nice forum there is a lot of information and good people who help. attend the forum for a year, ask questions, read, interact and learn. use this year to study and get back into shape naturally...
  15. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs Replacing products PSL

    Bro, PSL also pays you for your blood. We are not afraid of testing or comparison.