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    any feedback on psl?

    Your tren is not made with peanut oil right? I got scammed by someone sending me peanut oil tren
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    help with my cycle whats the highest dose of sustanon?

    hey its me again, trying to plan out my next cycle. im 5'11 193lbs bodyfat medium dont want to say lol. Plan is to gain mass and drop bodyfat. I planned to do 12 weeks of sustanon and primobolan with sarms but Im now confused and dont know whats the highest dose of sust i can use and dont know...
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    Where to buy steroids online?

    Any PSL feedback?
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    any feedback on psl?

    hey guys, I got just went to the source reviews section and saw psl has some reviews and seems to be approved. Any feedback on this source? I was scammed before on ugbb so scared now to buy.