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  1. cbbram

    Injection sites

    I've never used it
  2. cbbram

    Var only cycle?

    You're planning on TRT for what reason? Do you have low testosterone levels?
  3. cbbram

    taking aromasin now anxiety

    Why did you wait 5 weeks?
  4. cbbram

    first sarms cycle

    You definitely need to work on your diet in addition to the layout Dylan gave you
  5. cbbram

    want to try 1,3 DMAA

    Never tried it
  6. cbbram

    IGF-1 for females?

    indeed it would
  7. cbbram

    Halloween trick or treaters

    it's Halloween bro... no one what's anything nutritious
  8. cbbram

    can martial arts boost my weight training?

    sounds like he's jerking you... lol
  9. cbbram

    safety concerns on sustanon

    sustanon is a favorite by many
  10. cbbram

    stacking citruline and creatine

    if you take them at the same time it's mixing however i think you're overthinking. i recommend just buying high quality whole foods
  11. cbbram

    best research sites for sarms?

    they are my go to as well
  12. cbbram

    Rad 140 and LDG

    It's totally ridiculous
  13. cbbram

    Equipoise dosage

    Apples to oranges
  14. cbbram

    SR9009 oil injectable doses

    I don't think an Injectable form is necessary
  15. cbbram

    TRT and anavar question

    Always use blood work to determine your dosage
  16. cbbram

    My experiences with winstrol: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    A favorite for cutting by many
  17. cbbram

    painful joints on winstrol

    Lower your dosage
  18. cbbram

    how does my diet look?

    It really depends on your stats and goals.
  19. cbbram

    6 weeks of anavar results

    Thanks for sharing this on your first post
  20. cbbram

    insulin to get big

    In a nutshell