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  1. Micheal_Knight

    first cycle my nipples itchy

    Aromasin 10mg every other day. And pull bloods if you can so you can dial it in better
  2. Micheal_Knight

    Test E with dbol stack

    I ran it with test and npp. Just make sure to take a solid liver support.
  3. Micheal_Knight

    Test E with dbol stack

    M1T is very strong and toxic so I do not recommend stacking it with other orals.
  4. Micheal_Knight

    Test E with dbol stack

    I was on 50mg split dose of EP dbol and thought at 50mg it was the sweet spot. Just like when I ran M1T from EP I went to 20mg where most will stay at 10mg.
  5. Micheal_Knight

    Test E with dbol stack

    Personally I’d bump the dbol to 50mg a day and split up the dose
  6. Micheal_Knight

    personal best for squats?

    I’ve never tried more than 405lbs to be honest lol
  7. Micheal_Knight


    We are back up and running eager to get you guys quality products to your door!! Feel free to reach out to me or any other team member with any questions you might have concerning products or t/a times.
  8. Micheal_Knight

    trusted anavar source for female

    Can’t beat a product that was quality tested and passed like euro pharm var ^ see visions post.
  9. Micheal_Knight

    Cialis by Euro Pharmacies

    Got some in the top draw for when I need that extra “pump”!! Insane stuff
  10. Micheal_Knight

    last meal and sleep

    I’m such a picky eater it’s terrible lol no yams for this guy!
  11. Micheal_Knight

    last meal and sleep

    My last meal before bed is usually 6ounces ground turkey, 10 ounces of potato’s and a table spoon of olive oil on it lol I eat heavy about an hour before bed.
  12. Micheal_Knight

    Anabolex {r}Evolution - Phill is coming

    My man phill!!! The king of shredded!
  13. Micheal_Knight

    New to Anabolex.

    Another brother!!
  14. Micheal_Knight

    Quick intro....

    Damn now that’s a warm welcome right there!! You guys are awesome!!
  15. Micheal_Knight

    Quick intro....

    What’s up guys figure I’d jump over here and check everything out. Been lifting around 8yrs, on gear for around 5 of those years... I’m on a few other forums under a different name I’m sure I’ll see some familiar faces here hopefully!