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  1. AldoLove

    First testosterone cycle ever

    500mgs per week of testosterone enanthate is what you need. I like arimidex 0.25mgs every day split into 2 doses AM/PM. Inject 2 times per week for steady blood levels. Get n2guard for organ support.
  2. AldoLove

    Umbrella SARMS Shred Log with Dylan Gemelli!

    Umbrella is HOT brand is stacked.
  3. AldoLove

    Back in the game and need some guidance

    You should do some fasting too.
  4. AldoLove

    NapsGear Product of the Week Winner: Pharmaqo Labs Anavar10

    Going to pick these up, high quality anavar.
  5. AldoLove

    Product of the Week Winner: Pharmaqo Labs Anavar10

    I've tried a few packs of pharmaqo anavar, good quality. Napsgear you rock.
  6. AldoLove

    Approved NapsGear.Org Special Offers/Discounts and Reviews

    Dragon and Pharmaqo good labs, so is geneza.
  7. AldoLove

    SARMS 5 reasons to Buy Nutrobal (MK677)

    #3 for sure, I get very good sleep with nutrobal mk677.
  8. AldoLove

    Domestic-Supply reviews and special offers

    Used domestic-supply before a few times for my orals. Greg is as legit as they get.
  9. AldoLove

    Ironlion Lab reviews

    I got orange tops from ironlion, the orange top hgh. Fake as hell my blood worked showed a drop in IGF-1. The company sells fake hgh DO NOT buy from these selective scammers.
  10. AldoLove

    Ironlion Lab reviews

    ironlion is a scammer for sure, fake hgh. When you buy from ironlion you get fake hgh or counterfeit they send you peptides not hgh.
  11. AldoLove

    Ironlion Lab reviews

    Don't go calling our members scumbags you piece of shit. Ironlion is known to sell fake hgh and counterfeits I know that for a fact. I was suspended before for brining this up.
  12. AldoLove

    High hematocrit (HCT) and donating blood.

    @Mobster is pretty hardcore and speaks his mind, don't give it too much though.
  13. AldoLove

    High hematocrit (HCT) and donating blood.

    @Mobster why you so mean to @Tootallslim ? he's actually made a very informative post I'm loving this blood donation thread. I had a relative needed blood, really like to see helping guys.
  14. AldoLove

    Good place to buy?

    You try they have it.
  15. AldoLove

    PuritySourceLabs Summer Cycle

    That fish look good. Steamed right?
  16. AldoLove

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    Yes triple b solutions, that's the right way to handle customers. Sign up on a forum and with your first post, attack the customer call him an idiot. PERFECT! that's the right way to get good reddit and forum reviews. (sarcasm!)
  17. AldoLove

    huh? blackstone labs euphoria reddit info

    I would not recommend any blackstone labs products, I didn't like any of the reviews on them if you read them. Even on reddit nothing positive. euphoria I don't think has so many fan boys but a lot of hate for sure.
  18. AldoLove

    Samson review

    Yes this is totally not a paid samson review. LOL
  19. AldoLove

    napsgear legit var?

    I'm using geneza superdrol now it's legit for sure.