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  1. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Fixing my cycle

    It isn't a bad cycle. Maybe just slightly higher than what I would run.
  2. Masonic Bodybuilder solid growth

    Cool, now you can go get your discount for posting that here, lol. I will stick with the trusted Domestic-Supply.
  3. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Suck my balls?

    16 weeks of tren is going to take quite a while to recover from. If balls are the priority then you could use HCG but just know it will slow down your HPTA recovery. Or you could try N2Generate ES.
  4. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Log My first ever Ostarine + Test Cyp cycle Log

    Blood work looks exactly as I would expect it based on what you are taking.
  5. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Next cycle will be a dandy

    Tren on its own is perfect here. I would do 300mg and just focus on diet.
  6. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Ostarine and what?

    You definitely want Cardarine in any fat loss stack. Check out or Umbrella Labs.
  7. Masonic Bodybuilder

    1st run with Sustanon

    HGH is faked so often that it is super important to go with a trusted source. I recommend Domestic-Supply.
  8. Masonic Bodybuilder

    10 Minutes Shoulders & Abs HIIT Workout

    You can definitely hit abs frequently too.
  9. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Losing some belly fat

    Diet is most important, exercise is second. Supplements can help but not unless you have the other 2 locked in. Check out n2slin before meals.
  10. Masonic Bodybuilder

    How many days off after leg day?

    Most guys are good to do once per week. Some more serious guys may split push and pull muscles for legs on different days.
  11. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Plain and boring bodybuilder diets

    You forgot a bunch of other meat choices, fish, eggs, plus there are tons of different fruits and veggies available.
  12. Masonic Bodybuilder 509 - Peptides - CJC-1295 Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side Effects

    Nice episode. One of the more popular peptides.
  13. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Would this cycle work for me?

    I like your layout. Let us know if you run it and keep us updated.
  14. Masonic Bodybuilder

    How to stack in nutrobal

    If you really want to notice the appetite increase then dose it in the AM
  15. Masonic Bodybuilder test is legit

    If you have the blood work to prove it then why didn't you post it up?
  16. Masonic Bodybuilder

    N2guard in stock?

    No point guessing. Guys were saying October, then November, now January. I will believe it when it is back in stock. And yes, I will buy lots of bottles, lol.
  17. Masonic Bodybuilder Hardcore 21 - Clenbuterol and T3 PreContest Stacked

    2 of the compounds I hate, lol. Great info on this one though.
  18. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Video The Ultimate SARMS and Peptides Cutting Stack: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Get your cutting stacks ordered ahead of the holiday time when too many of us stuff our faces, lol.
  19. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Learning how to stack steroids

    I would use SARMs in stead and focus on cutting down first.
  20. Masonic Bodybuilder

    How to stack sarms with protein powder

    I would work on the diet first. Just adding in protein shakes will not help you get big. You need to eat real food.