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  1. Master of Nothing

    Test Flu?

    As someone who has had the ‘Rona I advise you get a PCR swab at your doctor. Don’t hesitate - you need to begin treatment immediately and tell the doc you’re on Testosterone injections. It fucked me pretty good and I was out of it for about 12-16 weeks because my lungs felt like they were...
  2. Master of Nothing

    IGF-1 LR3

    Yes because like SARMs it’s only scientifically examined in rats, not humans. I for one pay attention to that said science however knowing that we are not rats, I’d like opinions of folks who have ran it. Now that Domestic Supply has stated its mostly fake I will avoid and continue my normal...
  3. Master of Nothing

    IGF-1 LR3

    It’s a 1MG vial, not ML sorry for the confusion. Unsure why I can’t edit the post.
  4. Master of Nothing

    IGF-1 LR3

    Alright boys, it’s that time again.. the show cycle is over for me in 2020 time to build this physique for 2021. I was thinking about incorporating IGF1-LR3 into my “supplement” regiment. I have zero experience with IGF. I want to run it daily at 100mcg, here’s the Q: can I run it longer than...
  5. Master of Nothing

    real primobolan?

    I think what he means is - he’s read on the forums how primo is one of the most faked compounds in the underground. I typically only use pharma human grade in Europe but I’ve dabbled in some UG primo, I’ve had some fakes for sure. It’s easy for me because I’m doing a ML per day everyday and if...
  6. Master of Nothing

    purest trenbolone chime in

    I’m a huge fan of Pinnacle UGL Tren Ace. 20ml vials. Even at like 100-150mg/week it still gets noticeable results. This is by no means an endorsement of Pinnacle. I feel like everything else from them is severely under-dosed and somewhat weak.
  7. Master of Nothing

    Squat Day - Leg Gains

    I love it. Throw it up!
  8. Master of Nothing

    PCT or Bridge?

    Then I say - bridge all the way, that’s what I would do.
  9. Master of Nothing

    PCT or Bridge?

    Monstro - if you know your genetic T levels post cycle (without any PCT) then you should be able to bridge with a TRT dose.. just get your levels into a higher range of normal (900ish ng/dl) so you can maintain your mass. You won’t grow but you won’t lose any gains and yes, you’re right - PCT...
  10. Master of Nothing

    libido increase or decrease from Rad140 testolone

    How many more videos y’all gonna make Dylan produce before y’all listen? Lol. All fun and games until your dick don’t work.
  11. Master of Nothing

    libido increase or decrease from Rad140 testolone

    Lol. Blood work required. Could be high Estradiol or low estradiol. Who knows. “SARMs are safer than traditional AAS so I’ll just double my dose” - ValRen circa 2020 I hope you learned your lesson.
  12. Master of Nothing

    abscess after injection

    How much did you inject subcutaneously? What syringe did you use? Was it 28-31G (made for subcutaneous injection). Testosterone is for IM use only - intramuscular, IV = intravenous... I get that some folks do TRT in their belly fat but my god, you get what you deserve - quit being a baby back...
  13. Master of Nothing

    PCT or Bridge?

    User genetic dependent - look at the bloodwork, if your LDL or estradiol is off the charts, FSH SHBG and bioavailable T is in the shitter - probably shouldn’t bridge, you should probably take some time to recover. But you and I both know that you can’t carry beyond your genetic limit of mass...
  14. Master of Nothing

    trenbolone acetate cycle

    I highly recommend taking a minimum of 90-120 days off, when you’re about to come off - make an appointment with an endocrinologist, tell them everything you’re on and that you’re wanting bloodwork (depending on the ester it could be 14-60 days after last pin of Test). Most endocrinologists...
  15. Master of Nothing

    Test E with dbol stack

    30-50mg/day Dbol 100mg/day Primo E That’s a nice stack. Run it for 24 weeks, dropping the Dbol after 6 weeks then resuming at week 12, stop again after 6 weeks and cruise Primo the final 6 weeks. You’ll grow, make sure your food consumption is on point though - protein HIGH!
  16. Master of Nothing

    Upcoming Cycle - Thoughts!? Guesses!? Opinion!?

    Finally someone who understands!
  17. Master of Nothing

    first time var cycle for female

    Nah.. no pics of me. Only here for Phill horse meat pictures.
  18. Master of Nothing

    first time var cycle for female

  19. Master of Nothing

    Arimidex vs Aromasin for dbol cycle

    Bro I still run a Dbol only cycle here and there. It’s an excellent cycle for 6 weeks during the down-season. Pounded one during early COVID lockdown. From there move up to Primo and Dbol... This notion that testosterone is needed in everything you run is just patently false. Most dudes...
  20. Master of Nothing

    Bulk cycle ideas

    Save that for another cycle. Let the Tren do it’s thing.