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    Stronglift 5x5 Program

    Just wondering anyone try strong lifts 5x5 program?
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    Gomad diet

    I just started the Gomad plan 3 days ago and I am using the Fairlife Whole Milk. I am going to run this for one month and see how much weight I can gain. Anyone else ever tried Gomad before?
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    Best Preworkout

    So what’s everyone favorite Preworkout supplement?
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    Bayer Amps

    Just wondering who else has used the Bayer test. Amps? I just started using them so I am pumped to see what type of results I achieve
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I know for a fact it’s not the Gear because I got it from a trusted source
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I am one month in right now
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    Mass and size programs

    Can anyone suggest a good mass and size program I can try ?
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I am eating in a cal surplus everyday so yes I am eating
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I don’t even know if this is possible but could I be on the wrong stack of juice and that’s why I am not changing anymore? I mean I have am not getting any bigger or stronger, I eat in a cal surplus and train 6 days a week, Currently I am on Sustanon 750mg a week and Super Tren 400mg a week and...
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    Dbol Dose

    Ok so I have been on Dbol for about 3 weeks now at 50mg Ed, I really don’t feel any stronger or haven’t gained much size, Should I up my dose to 100mg Ed?
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    Does N2slin help build muscle?
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    Why do I look small

    How do you dose the n2slin through out the day?
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    Why do I look small

    Damn it’s crazy some days I look so much smaller, the struggle is real, Anyone deal with this issue?
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    Balkan Viagra

    Just got me some Balkan viagra 100mg pills, Has anyone tried this brand before?
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    Dbol or Anavar

    Already guys you might think I am crazy but I decided to stack the Dbol and Anavar together and see what happens, I will be doing 50mg of each everyday
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    Alpha Pharma Oxanabol (Anavar) Or Balkan Pharma (Anavar)

    Hey guys which brand would you guys go with Alpha Pharma or Balkan Pharma for Anavar? I am at a crossroad on this one?
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    Dbol or Anavar

    Let me ask what I ran the Anavar at 30mg and Dbol at 50mg?
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    Just anyone have experience running primo and if so what’s a good weekly dose for me to run for my first time?
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    Dbol or Anavar

    Just curious to see everyone feedback which would you run in your cycle if your trying to gain mass and definition, Dbol or Anavar?
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    Npp Doses

    Ok awesome thank you
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