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  1. sambee38

    need a cutting cycle pronto

    Cutting cycle for you 16 weeks test enan 500mgs/week anavar 50mgs/day winstrol 50mgs/day aromasin 25mgs/day ostazol preworkout
  2. sambee38

    first sarms cycle help

    I like your 16 week run of cardarine and stenabolic but I would stack in ostarine 50mgs/day and use a good preworkout. With synergy of gw add cardazol 2-3 caps preworkout.
  3. sambee38 Hardcore #122 – Chris Cormier Steroid Cycle

    Chris is huge to this day, he was very big and still looks ripped.
  4. sambee38

    sleep aid supplement dosing

    You should take some nutrozol before bed 3 caps, makes you sleep well.
  5. sambee38

    source selling gear for $15 a vial

    $15 dollars/vial = fake gear and vernera is fake for sure.
  6. sambee38

    Ivan Danko HGH shop review and scam

    It's true ivandanko didn't address concerns he's a scammer and sells counterfeit hgh and fake hgh. Sad.
  7. sambee38

    ice cream sandwich protein powder review

    I tried it before, mts whey gave me really bad gas. Stopped using it. Maybe it tastes good but the gas part is crazy.
  8. sambee38

    Euro Pharmacies - Weeks 5-13 Log -

    You're looking very lean and strong, this is great.
  9. sambee38

    28 year old female sarms stack

    S4 does have sides, I don't suggest using it. I prefer gw 20mgs with rad testolone 20mgs and ostarine 50mgs, thats a better combo.
  10. sambee38

    my testosterone is trenbolone?

    You're describing trenbolone for sure not testosterone, stop using it and get a new bottle from a trusted source. AAS not a joke to play with.
  11. sambee38

    cardarine enhanced athlete

    Enhanced athlete is out of business, all the sarms out there by "enhanced athlete" are counterfeit and fake. Use trusted anabolex sarms sponsors if you want results.
  12. sambee38

    How to stack testosterone, deca and primobolan: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Good video bring more info about deca and dbol with primo (arnold stack)
  13. sambee38

    cortisol supplements in pct

    You should use something for cortisol with any pct. I dont know about sns reduce, but Ive used n2generate es works well.
  14. sambee38

    geneza pharmaceuticals review

    I didnt like geneza, the gear was always painful and bad PIP
  15. sambee38

    asf steroid forum

    ASf forum is full of scammers stay away
  16. sambee38

    thinksteroids source reviews

    Thinksteroids attacks not for no reason, they attack because the mods own multiple sources. It's pretty clear.
  17. sambee38

    irregular heartbeat and fasting

    Start with short fasts and see. Take electrolytes and try 24 hour fast to begin. (water fast)
  18. sambee38

    winstrol for females

    You can start with 5mgs of winstrol per day, nothing higher. Make sure you don't go too high the sides for women are bad.
  19. sambee38

    tingling in triceps

    It sounds like you have tendon damage in elbow, you should try topical cbd.
  20. sambee38 Hardcore #118 – Kevin Levrone Steroid Cycle

    LOL I like Kevin Levrone music it's fairly good