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    1 Stop Domestic Shop Bloods

    Bloods Taken about 24 hours post injection, 8 weeks in. Taking 800mg Pinnacle Test Cyp per week split into two 400mg doses. Looking for some feedback. Doc said kidneys and Liver look great. BUN slightly high due to muscle mass, excessive working out, high protein diet. Was previousely at 34...
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    Test Flu?

    Been running 800mg Test Cyp per week. This Sunday ill be 8 week into the cycle. However ive had a lingering dry cough the entire cycle, runny nose, shortness of breath etc... im running 1mg of arimidex ED and sometimes have to up it a bit as im very E2 sensitive. I wouldnt think its covid as its...
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    Capsule Form Anavar

    Hey all, again newer member on this forum. Currently i have some pharma grade anavar. Unfortunately its in 25mg doses and capsule form. I was going to have my girlfriend give a run with it. She has never onces used AAS. Ideally i wanted her to start around 5-10mg per day to access her tolerance...
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    1000mg Test Vs 750

    Currently running 750mg test cyp pw. Curious as to if anyone has noticed more horsepower running 1000mg and if it was just more sides or did you notice better overall results given training and diet were on point.