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  1. RickV Podcast #369-Overtrain on Cycle,Masteron Estrogen crash,EQ and Trenbolone

    Another great podcast for your bros to enjoy!
  2. RickV

    First Time Taking Steroids, Help

    Brother you should probably give yourself another 3-4 years of natural training before taking any sort of steroids or hormonal products. You are robbing yourself of some serious long-term gains by hitting the sauce so early on.
  3. RickV

    tren cycle from europe

    I like Tren enanthate much better just easier to shoot once or twice per week not much to think about really. Test Prop + EQ + Tren is a great cycle for someone with 4 cycles under their belt. Maybe just the Test and EQ would suffice if you want to save the Tren for later cycles.
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    US customs and supplements

    Brother please support my store I'm a huge supporter of the Steroid community, you can find my supplements here:
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    Everything you need to know about HCG: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Great content as always brother!
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    Invictus labs help

    I don't know anything about this lab but if you want a good education on Anavar please check out our podcast:
  7. RickV

    will gw cardarine throw off bloods?

    Cardarine is not an androgen and should not cause any issues with your levels of androgens on the bloodwork.
  8. RickV

    Symbiote Syndicate labs local guy

    Wow these names keep getting more and more elaborate LOL
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    A complete guide to understanding Peptides: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Awesome to see you still making great content Dylan bro!
  10. RickV

    First primobolan cycle questions

    If your Primobolan is the legit product and your goal is to get leaner then I think you will be making some great progress brother. If and only if your Primobolan is legit since it is one of the most faked steroids after Anavar, and if your goal is to make lean gains and have the diet to go...
  11. RickV

    need help with sarms stacking

    Brother if you are at 26% body fat you have some core lifestyle issues you should be dealing with instead of just stacking on the drugs. GW will help some and that may be all you need for a boost in fat loss, that plus some improvements to your diet and training as well as lifestyle and you...
  12. RickV

    Ferodrox for health

    What are your goals or what are you trying to improve? I can suggest a much better product if you give me that info.
  13. RickV

    S4 andarine and LGD4033 stack

    I've tried to at 25mg and only got the vision some times after dosing it, good SARM for sure but the visions sides are just too weird for me. It is supposed to come from a harmless metabolite that attaches to receptors in your retina, but still, too weird for me.
  14. RickV

    Trenbolone and endurance struggles

    Probably not, the Trenbolone causes problems with cardio for reasons that won't be covered by GW, so in my opinion, no. But it may be worth a try, maybe you are more genetically prone to not being affected by the Tren and so you would be ok.
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    Too many websites and sources to keep pace with nowadays, some are good for a while and go bad.
  16. RickV Hardcore #121 – Ben Pakulski Steroid Cycle

    Great podcast guys good work!
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    cannot grow muscle cause of stress

    Supplements, I suggest you give HCGenerate ES a good try, it will help not only with your progress but will give you that mental drive you need:
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    First ever test cycle how much

    For a first cycle, 250mg is a good dosage, you should only be trying to just enhance what your body can do naturally not just completely wiping out your own production. Try 250mg per week along with 5 caps of N2Generate per day, read about it here: