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  1. GHgut4life

    What happened to Phurious pharma?

    Phurious pharma turned into a furious scammer, stay away
  2. GHgut4life

    First Time Taking Steroids, Help

    I dont agree with your cycle for your age, I think you should at least wait until 25 to cycle. I cant stop you so here is what I would do (and I ran this kind of cycle when I was young 23) Since you going to do steroids anyhow, go use 500mgs of sustanon/week and 20mgs aromasin with 2 caps...
  3. GHgut4life new store?

    This looks photoshopped, fake picture. Why would you do that no need to lie.
  4. GHgut4life

    anyone get gyno anxiety?

    Of course everyone is worried about gyno. You should use some nolvadex 40mgs/day and no gyno issues.
  5. GHgut4life

    how to store liquid sarms long term

    You should store them in a cool dark place and put them in a box of some sort. NOT freezing temps or boiling.
  6. GHgut4life Hardcore #123 – Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay Steroid Cycle

    Elssbiay is a monster, I want to look like him 1 day.
  7. GHgut4life

    Liv52 vs. N2guard vs. Rich Piana

    I tried all 3 and I like n2guard more, its much more stacked. I hate liv52 it gives me headaches.
  8. GHgut4life

    Sovereign labs g2g?

    Sovereign labs is NOT g2g, try an approved anabolex sponsor.
  9. GHgut4life Podcast #368-Winstrol, Masteron, Primobolan, Anavar, side effects

    another bang out podcast too many side effects lol damn
  10. GHgut4life

    First ever test cycle how much

    First cycle at least 500mgs of test/week and AI you need some aromasin. HCG 500 IUs for pct 5 days with n2generate and ostazol mixed, add nolvadex/aromasin.
  11. GHgut4life

    is Sr9009 really worth it?

    I think sr9009 stenabolic is good and good as a sarm but I suggest cardarine gw, its better.
  12. GHgut4life

    how to dose n2generate

    You should use n2generate post meal and before training.
  13. GHgut4life

    Valiant pharma source help

    Valiant pharma are known selective scammers be careful dont order from them.
  14. GHgut4life

    danger Shenzhen Shijingu pharma

    stay away from sources out of china, not trusted
  15. GHgut4life


    Blaster is legit, good source @BLASTER hardocre
  16. GHgut4life Hardcore #120 – Victor Martinez Steroid Cycle

    Victor Martinez is a star, he needs more shredded mass to win IMO
  17. GHgut4life

    cycle without an AI

    You should use an AI asap but not arimidex, go with aromasin 12.5mgs ED for 2 weeks then go to EOD.
  18. GHgut4life

    recomping with sarms

    If you want to recomp, try going with 12 weeks gw 20mgs/day andarine 25mgs/day ostarine 50mgs/day ostazol 3 caps preworkout
  19. GHgut4life

    best supplement for hair

    You should try n2shampoo, it works well. Helped my hair.
  20. GHgut4life

    Give anabolic store a shot guys

    Another potential scammer, no approval and known to sell counterfeit steroids, BEWARE!