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  1. sambee38

    Alphagen labs

    It's fake 100% don't use it, stay away unless you want to get hurt.
  2. sambee38

    Fake or real

    That's fake, looks like a counterfeit product. alphaGen is a known fake. UG style. Only use approved sources so this doesn't happen.
  3. sambee38

    can I measure my own testosterone?

    There are signs of low test, like being tired etc. But there is no real way to check without doing blood work.
  4. sambee38

    liver support tudca vs all else

    There is a lot more liver support supps out there OTC besides tudca or milk thistle. Use n2guard that has all of it.
  5. sambee38

    stenabolic sr9009 in oil

    I wouldn't inject sarms if you can do oral, but I did hear injectables give better results.
  6. sambee38

    Tbol vs Osta LGD cardazol

    I would go with sarms over steroids any day. Go with osta/lgd/cardazol mix not tbol.
  7. sambee38

    A dilemma: Please help

    I suggest you do like high reps, real high reps on the bigger bodyparts. I had shoulders too small and arms too big I did low reps high weights shoulders it worked and switched high reps low weights arms.
  8. sambee38

    dbol vs sarms vs dmz

    You can stack dbol and dmz but alternate it. 2 week dbol and 2 week dmz. Rotate to 12 weeks.
  9. sambee38

    first cycle I need help

    Test and primo is a good 1st cycle. I suggest you use it if you have it, why not? 1st cycle do the best. Stack in sarms.
  10. sambee38

    stenabolic sr9009 does it work or not?

    It does have a short half life thats for sure 40min lol. I would rather see you use cardarine and cardazol stacked.
  11. sambee38

    supplements OTC for sleep

    Nutrozol is what you need use it. N2sleep is also good.
  12. sambee38

    proven peptides vs

    Prove peptides scams for sure, I saw multiple guys post about that.
  13. sambee38

    Low dose primobolan cycle

    100mgs is not a lot rather see you do 200mgs for less time and you'll get some good results.
  14. sambee38

    stopping testosterone cycle 4 weeks in

    Drop the test dose to 250mgs and increase aromasin to 10mgs. I would also add use an anti-acne wash and really wash your back well.
  15. sambee38

    intermittent fasting on steroids?

    Yea IF works! I fast 20 hours per day but drink water and supplements.
  16. sambee38

    using 6oxo transdermal vs oral

    I would say transdermal is always the way to go, it is much more bioavailable.
  17. sambee38

    2 month off everything

    Get a new TRT doctor, I would stay away from any doctor that talks like that. And your TRT dose is bad, at least 200mgs of test cyp or 250mgs test enan for TRT.
  18. sambee38

    squats and pads

    You mean the pad to put on the bar so you can place on your neck. You can use it but it's usually dirty, buy your own.
  19. sambee38

    Canadian pharmacy?

    I think you can get them from s4s, they carry INT AIs.