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  1. BigArms42

    June Promotion: FLASH SALES

    That's a good sale, I'm going to stock up for the fall. I did a lot for s4s before, loved the GW! Stacks well with cardazol.
  2. BigArms42

    Agmatine Sulfate - A new article by Dylan Gemelli

    Nice info DG!
  3. BigArms42

    Alphagen labs

    That's fake, I saw those fake anadrol pills in the sachet before. Just counterfeits.
  4. BigArms42

    pct help

    Try this 8 week pct 20mgs nolvad/day 5mgs aromasin/day 5caps n2generate/day 30 cardazol/day 30 ostazol/day 10mgs cardarine/day
  5. BigArms42

    andro cycle adding creatine

    Adding creatine always helps cycles, even when you're cutting. If monohydrate, 10-20grams.
  6. BigArms42

    cardarine gw dosage with trenbolone

    If you're doing test, at least 10mgs aromasin EOD, for cardarine gw try 20mgs/day with cardazol 30/day.
  7. BigArms42

    reducing cortisol

    Reduce XT is good, if you stack it with ostazol your cortisol will drop big time.
  8. BigArms42

    proven peptides vs

    proven peptides sells fake sarms, so you make your own choice
  9. BigArms42

    Dicaffeine Malate – Uses and Side Effects

    I used infinergy in a few supps and cardazol, works great.
  10. BigArms42

    What's the best supplement for Premature ejaculation?

    OTC I would say n2generate es and ostazol.
  11. BigArms42

    Low LH levels problem

    You'll never recover with clomid and hcg, it boosted your estrogen. Try nolvadex with ostazol and n2generate.
  12. BigArms42

    LGD dosages help

    I would add 10mgs lgd and 30 cardazol/D with 20 ostazol/D.
  13. BigArms42

    Anavar vs. Tbol

    Anavar for sure, 50mgs/day. It's much better than tbol and stack it with 20mgs gw and 40 cardazol.
  14. BigArms42

    Buddhabuilder with 1 - Stop Domestic Shop

    Post up mirror pics.
  15. BigArms42

    11oxo useful?

    There is 11KT too but 11OXO is mainly for bridge between cycles, you can add ostazol its better than 11oxo.
  16. BigArms42

    I was scammed by goroids

    Let's post up some labmax or roidtest of these goroids scammers. EXPOSE them!
  17. BigArms42

    cruising with something other than test?

    If you want to cruise, test is the key IMO, either test enanthate or cypionate.
  18. BigArms42

    YK11 Facts and Explanation: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    That's a great video! I never knew that info about yk11.
  19. BigArms42

    hcg and pct, need answers

    I don't like HCG gives estrogen sides. Try using n2generate/hcgenerate instead. I hate HCG!