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    Need to cut down more sarms

    Would this still be effective without the Tesamorelin? @2MG a day, that isn't cheap. 🤣
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    Approved Log LMNOP's SARMS Cycle Log

    Dumb question but I should've asked it at first. I got my order from and don't know how much is in a bottle. Do I have enough for the the month? I have a bottle of each but want to make sure I have enough for a month so i don't run out and need to panic order.
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    Approved Log LMNOP's SARMS Cycle Log

    D1 DT in the old Big East. :) Got them from s4s for sure!
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    Approved Log LMNOP's SARMS Cycle Log

    Will do as soon as I start the cycle! Also, I tried to pre order the n2guard on n2bm and it keeps saying it's not in stock. I'm super boring and meal prep every week. I use a copycat chipotle chicken marinade and literally eat the same chicken bowls every day with sweet potatoes and the...
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    Approved Log LMNOP's SARMS Cycle Log

    Newbie here. Me: 45, 270, 28%, former American football player, still fairly athletic, been working out 6 days a week sometimes twice a day. The second optional workout will be cardio (usually OrangeTheory). My diet is very clean. Had just started a Clen/T3 cycle but came across Dylan I...
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    New to this what should I take

    Any recommended source? It's sold out everywhere I look.
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