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  1. BodyMonster34

    Maxtreme pharma online

    bro maxtreme sounds like something you would wear like a diaper
  2. BodyMonster34

    what is ancient strength?

    bro n2bm sells ancient strength
  3. BodyMonster34

    coming off TRT and sarms

    bro you can use nutrobal and cardarine in pct. not other sarms
  4. BodyMonster34

    Cycle help observations

    bro you weird if you not getting stronger on tren.
  5. BodyMonster34

    hgh and blood sugar problems

    bro keep an eye on your blood sugar, if it starts rising run n2slin and drop the dosage down
  6. BodyMonster34

    baby sarm cycle first time

    bro legit gw you will be good
  7. BodyMonster34

    DHEA on cycle necessary?

    bro i agree with steve. waste of money.
  8. BodyMonster34

    Superior Pharma Labs scam

    bro he trying to scam you more
  9. BodyMonster34

    EQ cycle observations

    bro this thread is funny to me cause steve being ganged up on so funny to see but he wiping the floor with everyone on his own. i think some of you make good points but i think you confused. Steve arguing if you need to inject testosterone in every cycle, not arguing against TRT or arguing...
  10. BodyMonster34 Hardcore #129 - Jeremy Buendia steroid cycle

    bro no way, he atleast 230 pounds
  11. BodyMonster34

    running bloods pre cycle

    bro click that link and off you go
  12. BodyMonster34

    best sarms to add to steroids

    bro don't forget to use
  13. BodyMonster34

    international shipping supplements

    bro you can travel with supplements unless customs wants to steal your shit to take themselves. depends on what city. some customs in USA who big meatheads will steal it
  14. BodyMonster34

    new online store PowerfulMuscles

    bro you approved yet? if so welcome
  15. BodyMonster34

    Glute injection isn't sore at all?????

    bro stick with 1inch needle
  16. BodyMonster34

    Proviron benefits

    bro proviron a good choice on any cycle
  17. BodyMonster34

    biogen innovations gains sarms

    bro heard that brand gives nasty infections. go with
  18. BodyMonster34

    n2kts vs. N2slin pre workout

    bro n2kts i use pre workout sometimes when waking up early. works good
  19. BodyMonster34

    source check Syntholan technologies

    who the hell is syntholan? sounds like synthol bad shit
  20. BodyMonster34

    PPL hgh legit?

    bro my buddy got nasty red welts from that source