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  1. starboy

    Where to buy sarms online?

    There is a lot of fake sarms online so be careful. I only trust our suppliers that we officially list and approve:
  2. starboy

    Im back!!!

    The BEEEE is back!!! (y)
  3. starboy

    vaultek pharma

    Vaultek was ran by a few british dragon guys from back in the day. I guess a good way to see if your brand gets busted soon.
  4. starboy

    can fasting increase HGH?

    Fasting can increase your HGH levels that's a fact. No question about that.
  5. starboy

    training with a belt

    You don't need a belt to squat. It's a myth. The belt makes you lower back weak.
  6. starboy

    does fat make you fat?

    Carbs make you fat, not fat. Fat does not make you fat if no sugar is involved.
  7. starboy

    lower test levels for TRT

    Take a shot of test enan 400mgs and dont do PCT, in 4 weeks your test levels dead.
  8. starboy

    m4bteam legit?

    M4B been around a long time but they clearly selectively scam people. I've heard too many bad things for them to be legit IMO.
  9. starboy

    broke my arm supps help

    Try using n2joint rx and calcium. I also suggest using collagen.
  10. starboy

    Where to buy steroids online?

    That's true, I've seen international suppliers send out very nice discreet looking packs, where domestics send just terrible packaging. Not all but the non-trusted ones do that all the time.
  11. starboy

    reviews on source pharmaclinico

    biotech not sure but I heard biotech the UG lab had a lot of fake straight oil sold.
  12. starboy

    need to lose fat!

    You're overtraining it seems. Stick to 30min 3 days per week, you'll see better results.
  13. starboy

    sweet potatoes

    I would use yams instead of sweet potatoes. But both are healthy IMO.
  14. starboy

    2 part question weight training

    I started lifting at 17. I waited about 10 years to get into it and get on PEDs. I suggest waiting.
  15. starboy

    Donating blood in virus

    It's safe to donate bloods, it's needed now man.
  16. starboy

    reduing PIP

    Warm up the needle and syringe. Make it soft.
  17. starboy

    how to use nutrozol?

    Only use nutrozol before bed. I suggest you only use at night.
  18. starboy

    old supplements still good?

    Don't take expired supplements, it's 1 thing 2 months but 1 year too long.
  19. starboy

    On cycle supplements

    On cycle I like to use some cardazol or n2generate. Gives a good boost and keeps your test going.
  20. starboy

    Where to buy steroids online?

    That's the right way to buy, always research and look and talk to friends on anabolex of course.