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  1. MrBurns

    Was lied to Review

    @Vaserl basicstero should not be trusted, should not be used. I think pharmacom is not a real pharma grade brand, it's a cheap ug lab, bathtub gear, cheap and nasty.
  2. MrBurns

    Gear depot question

    @brianbintner you are better and smarter to use than gear depot
  3. MrBurns

    Mild TRT Cycle

    I'm on self-TRT now I pick up some testosterone and use it with tbol or anavar on and off and some HGH, its better than the blood work nonsense from doctor.
  4. MrBurns

    NOT APPORVED - the Direct Pharmacom Labs Store - Reviews and Feedback

    @BigArms42 I got your PM about basicstero checking the new deal now
  5. MrBurns

    Approved - NUMBER ONE SOURCE IN THE WORLD - Reviews and Feedback

    I agree 30% off always good but I wanted the 60% being greedy lol
  6. MrBurns

    Can you run a Dec Durabolin solo stack ?

    200mgs deca without cialis and my wife pissed off
  7. MrBurns

    Approved Log Djuris Log

    Top notch detail LOG @DjuriEggink watching closely
  8. MrBurns

    UPsteroid Product Of The Week - Sustanon (Euro Pharma)

    Euro pharma gold is true gear, legit quality
  9. MrBurns

    [email protected] fake hgh!

    I'm interested in @Tyrone1200 cycle too what you running man
  10. MrBurns

    [email protected] fake hgh!

    You dont see the faulty logic here? for a member to prove they got fakes they need to inject a bunk for the fake HGH then spend money on bloodwork, come on now
  11. MrBurns

    Anabolex welcomes Flash
  12. MrBurns a huge hassle

    I have a friend who had money stolen by, he ordered and never got his package, they stole his money. DO NOT order from bodyroids, they are bad real bad.
  13. MrBurns

    UGFreak review

    Go to the main forum click POST THREAD top right orange button. New thread> Thread title: My Summer Steroid Cycle Log discussion: discuss your cycle and your plans and how you'll update us
  14. MrBurns

    UGFreak review

    Homeboy you're a true respected guy welcome to anabolex family.
  15. MrBurns

    Prevent Gyno from coming back

    To prevent gyno you should use nolvadex and yohimflame. I used to use yohimburn until I got an allergy and switched to yohimflame topical.
  16. MrBurns

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    Yup I was scammed by rui research on steroidology forums, and they BANNED me after I posted about it. LIARS!
  17. MrBurns

    steroidology forums scammers my honest review

    I left steroidology 6 years ago after I was scammed by rui research, got bunk liquidex and liquid stane from them. I remember a moderator or admin there dreadedpirateroberts I think his name he banned me after I was scammed by rui research. That forum is full of liars and chaters, I would...
  18. MrBurns

    Approved Steroidify Products

    Testex havent tried it checking the good price.
  19. MrBurns

    Triple B Solutions bunk

    so you are @athlete127? @Sounds Fishy why did you get a new username after you attacked the customer and made yourself triple b solutions look like an ass?
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