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    Gyno starting up

    Man I recently out of no where woke up and had a painful swollen lump under my left nipple freeked me the hell out so this is how I reversed it . I immediately cut my test dose from 500 to 175 and started novaldex at 40 mg a day I ran that for 4 weeks then cut down to 20 mgs a day for another...
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    Steroids and estrogen

    Blood work brother most important. Aromasin e3d 12.5 mg
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    cannot sleep on testosterone

    Man I had the same problem . I could go to sleep easily but only could sleep for an hour or two and bam wide awake again for couple hrs . I've been off cycle for two months now and to be honest I just started sleeping good the last couple of weeks.
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    safe to use crystallized gear

    Man think about it this way , if it crystalizes in the bottle and your having to heat it to break it back down just imagine what it will do in your bloodstream or body ? I'm by far no kind of expert but common sense would tell me throw it away brother .
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    Lost of libido on cycle

    Sounds like too much aromasin . 12.5 every three days a good starting point but as I'm sure your fixing to hear blood work is a must .
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    How do you know when you're ready

    I don't know about everybody else but personally once you've used them the difference is astounding and you don't want to stop so keep that in mind brother.
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    How to split anavar

    80 mgs is more than needed . 50 is a great dose of it's genuine anavar. I split mine 25 am 25 pm . Have great results from it.
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    Yes I have . I still workout the same pretty much though.
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    Twice One Sunday one wend.
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    Doing it now.@ 225 every week
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    High hematocrit (HCT) and donating blood.

    Good read brother .
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    Steroid Remaining After Ester is Removed

    Sounds complicated . I just adjust for the ester in my test e by drawing a quarter cc more when I pin.
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    Mental problems and steroids

    Man I also have PTSD , loud noises or alot of noise at one time and it totally fks my thinking up . Hell I have to turn the radio down and roll the windows down just to drive through town or in traffic . Can't be in crowded places very long either same as loud noise for me. I got shot in the...
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    What's up brother ? Welcome.
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    Napsgear personal info

    They gotta have it for your order . It's totally safe .
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    Proper size needles

    I use 1" in delts and 1.5" in glutes 23 gauge
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    Requesting bloodwork

    I'm going to go to mine this week for mid cycle bloods and I had the same question but I decided I'm just gonna tell him what I need and why I need it . I mean hell were paying them and it's not like the tests are illeagle or something . I'll post how it goes Wednesday afternoon. Wish me luck .
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    Tips for next steroid cycle

    Pretty much the cycle I'm on except my test e is 500 . Getting good clean results from it so far
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