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  1. Ares

    Getting rid of my gut

    What you eatin mannnn? You hittin dat cardio mannnnnnnn?
  2. Ares straight up trash

    TOO many trashyyy assss mofos out there rippin off the communitiezzzz!! The team @Finestgears takes care of the people!!
  3. Ares

    💉 Bulk Stack Plus Anti Estrogen | 35% Off! 💊

    These deallzzz are insane mannnn The team @Finestgears alwayzzzz comes through!!
  4. Ares

    Dianabol stacked into cycle

    I loveezzz me some dbol but not to finish mannnnn , no wayzzz on that keep that for the front end and go with @Finestgears to get the best!
  5. Ares

    SARMS Cycle

    DAYYYUUUUMM that stack @dylangemelli gave you looks bad assssss fuxxx mannn! Good shizzle!
  6. Ares

    Looking for legit source

    Very eazzzzy bro and that is go with @Finestgears we alllll know they are the goods mannn!
  7. Ares

    Anyone having issues?

    That shizz is crazy mannn, crazyyy but you gotta letz us know where you got this from
  8. Ares

    Scammer Crazy Bulk is the biggest scam in existence

    These clownzz are shaddy as fukkk! It crazy you bring these suckas up because my nephew asked me about them and I told him to stayzzzz the fux away now I will link him to this also!
  9. Ares

    Balance of nature whole health system

    Eat more fiberrr mannn, more vegetablezz and grainssss
  10. Ares 4 weeks and nothing

    Get to the big boyz @Finestgears and never worry about this scandulouzzzz mofos!! You want the best, go check them out mannnn!
  11. Ares

    Would not use again

    Get to the big boyz @Finestgears and never worry about this scandulouzzzz mofos!! You want the best, go check them out mannnn!
  12. Ares

    Video Should you blast and cruise?? A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    DAMMMMMN Nice vidzzzz mann Love thesees vidzzz
  13. Ares

    Tren e

    Hit up @Finestgears get yourselfff the real deal with no concernzz!
  14. Ares

    Best injectable with anadrol

    I lovvezzz me some anadrol!!! @Finestgears for the win with anadrol broham! Deca, NPP, Equipoissssseeeeee, all good choicezzz to stack
  15. Ares

    I’m injured, need supps

    Looks at the peptides mannnnn, they heal real deal!
  16. Ares

    Can running a lot of supps cover up bloods?

    Nahhh brah, not going to trick the doc
  17. Ares

    Pea protein tastes like crap

    Mannnzz that pea protein is some nassssttttyyyyy ish mannn! so nastayyyyyyy
  18. Ares

    Which test is best?

    The best test is whatever you can get @Finestgears mannnn!
  19. Ares

    Video The "Pro's" steroid cycles and why you SHOULD NOT follow them: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    DAMMN mannn your videosss are legittttt!! The pros dont knowz for sure!
  20. Ares

    EQ and masteron

    You guyzzz knowz the drill, get to @Finestgears for the real deal!!
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